(Oh, hey there!) How We Wore It: Summer Skirt

Oh em gee, you guys. Can I just tell you how many times I've sat down and started on a blog post the last couple weeks? Key word here clearly being started since I haven't finished a single one! Yikes. But since I signed up to participate in Deidre Emme's How We Wore It (a challenge to re-create a look using items you already own) today, blogging finally gets to beat out laundry, toilet scrubbing and a thousand and one other boring to-do's on my never ending list of death (Hooray!)

Do you know what I'm afraid of? Aside from the obvious spiders of course, and those stupid sneezes that kind of sneak up on you when you're not prepared (holy mom-bladder!) I'm afraid of...skirts. Yep, you read that right. Something about being 5 feet tall with a short torso and a little hippy (not the cute flower-power kind, sadly) means that I generally shy away from anything remotely skirt-like as they have an odd tendency to quickly migrate past my hips to settle just south of my bra. Which is super sexy, by the way. Waist? Who needs a waist? **By 'generally' I mean that my over-stuffed closet contains approximately 2 skirts: one teeny-tiny slightly hooker-ish black mini that I probably shouldn't be wearing anyway, and a floor-length super comfy knit number in a casual beigy-brown.** 

So, just how exactly is my skirt phobia  relevant to anything, you ask? Well, as it happens, this month's How We Wore It features a super cute, super summer-y lace and chambray look from Elevate Everyday, where the skirt is kind of front and center. Here, take a look:


Once I saw the inspiration photo I had a minor dilemma on my hands since obviously nothing in my vast selection of skirts (haha) was going to help me create a cute summer look. Thank goodness for dresses that can totally pretend to be skirts, that's all I can say. And of course, if you have a blog then odds are pretty high that you own at least one chambray button up so, check! Here's my take on this month's photo:

kind of obsessed with the lace-up shoe thing #noshame

I had hoped to take a few pictures outside but our lovely May day decided to make like January and turn windy, gray and cold. Whatever, May.

I know, I know. These pics scream "OMG SoFashun!" right? Ha.

What's your go-to look for summer? Are you a fan of skirts (or poser dresses)?

I had so much fun participating in How We Wore It for the first time ever! Check out the lovely ladies in the links below to see all the different ways this month's look was styled:

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Sign up on Deidre Emme's blog for the chance to try your hand at next month's How We Wore It and be one of the 15 randomly selected stylists!


  1. Love the two skirts you have on! Also I love the lace up trend going on too! So fun to collaborate with you!


    1. Thank you! fashion-y posts are a little out of my comfort zone but it was so much fun doing the challenge :-)

  2. I love that shirt and necklace combo!

  3. I love the second lace skirt!!! So cute!!!! Saying hi from HWWI collaboration :)

    1. Thank you! The lace outfit is actually a dress with a horribly unflattering top so I was excited to finally have a decent way to wear it. Lol!

  4. I have a blog and don't have ANY chambray shirts, LOL!!! I'm a loser.

    I LOVE the first dress and yup that's what mine was too, a dress with a shirt over it. Totally acceptable :D

    Also those shoes are darling, I really want some lace-ups now!

    1. Girl! No chambray?? Lol, that's okay...I don't wear mine too often since I'm usually in jeans and the denim on denim thing freaks me out. I definitely recommend the lace-ups though! Charlotte Russe has them for $20 *and* they're comfy :-)

  5. Can you believe I don't yet own a chambray shirt?! I love them, but I just haven't found one that I love on me yet. I have a feeling I will find one right when they are no longer cool. haha Thank goodness for dresses that can be pretend skirts. I've been doing that a ton lately. It's hard to find a flattering skirt! Those shoes are so cute!


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