5 *more* things: the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Oh, you guys. This has been a week. Sometimes, that's just all you can say! 

1. The last few days have not been all sunshine and roses, so I'm going to get the bad and the ugly out of the way -and cheat a little by smashing it all together in one paragraph- so I can get to the good stuff.  First off, I have this weird eczema I developed postpartum that rears it's ugly head every so often. More annoying is where it shows up: on the backs of my thighs just under ma butt cheeks (sorry for the TMI) so I get to enjoy sitting on it all day. I'm hoping it takes a hike before Madi starts swim lessons because it adds nothing to a swimsuit aesthetic that is already struggling. Ha. And speaking of Madi, she somehow caught a mystery cold this week in spite of the fact that no one around us has been obviously sick. And that has served to make her possibly the grumpiest toddler on planet earth. Lastly, we got a little 5-page double-sided letter from the IRS yesterday thanking us for our yearly contributions asserting that we owe  $1200 from the 2014 tax year. And could we just go ahead and mail that in in the next two weeks? Please and thank you.  I'm not sure exactly how that's going to affect our summer plans, but I'm pretty sure it's not in a good way. Moving on....

2. We celebrated Mother's Day a day late this year and went out to a nice dinner with the in-laws. It's been a hot minute since we've attempted a family dinner out because Madi -being 2- oddly prefers running around, climbing on things and singing loudly to sitting quietly at a table enjoying a multi-course meal (and I'm fully aware that I am the only one in the universe who finds this cute rather than annoying.) So I was nervous about Monday and packed lots of snacks and books and markers and crossed all my fingers and toes. The dinner lasted close to two hours and Madi did awesome! A chance to sit and enjoy good food -and french pear martinis- with family was the best present I could have gotten.

3. I've been wanting to add more green to my wardrobe recently. Because, duh, green is awesome. Since it's one of my favorite colors I'm not actually sure why I rarely wear it, but this top I found at Aro & Co is a step in the right direction. The best part? It was on sale for five dollars. Five. Dollars. (I think the total with shipping was like, $5.70) What? How is that even a thing?? Whatever, I decided that when the universe throws you a bone (or a cute chiffon top for really, really cheap) it's best to just pop it right in your shopping cart and complete your checkout before the universe changes it's mind.

4. I'm falling in love with the R+Co dry shampoo paste my hair stylist recommended. At $28 it's a little (okay maybe a lot) pricier than what I would normally spend on a dry shampoo but it takes such a minuscule amount to freshen up my hair that it will probably last until I'm 80, thus making it a totally reasonable purchase. Right? It also works as a really outstanding texturizer and doesn't weigh down my fine hair. So there's that! And because walking all the way upstairs, taking a picture and uploading it to my laptop sounds like a whole lot of work I'll let Google do the talking. 


5. Last but not least, the husband and I are signed up to do a Paint Nite this weekend and I'm pretty excited about it. I was hesitant to suggest it to him because I thought he'd laugh and tell me "no thanks." So I was pleasantly surprised that he agreed right away to sign up. If you're not familiar, Paint Nite is an event held at a bar or restaurant where an artist comes in to teach you how to paint a particular picture all while you're downing delicious wine or cocktails (Wine and Canvas is another popular company doing similar events.) Tell me that doesn't sound like fun?!

Cheers and TGIF ladies! Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?
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  1. inttttttttteresting on this dry shampoo....I would be terrified of putting anything remotely like a liquid/lotion on my hair because it's already stringy and fine and likes to make me look like a meth addict when it's wet or oily. Where did you buy it, was it the salon? If I can find somewhere that might let me return it if I hate it I'll try it out :D

    I hope you like paint nite! They do those pretty often in SLC and a lot of my friends go and really love them. I'm an old crab who paints and drinks alone so I've never gone, but bonus points for your husband going. That's one of those things you typically end up dragging men to and then they get delighted when it's not torture and knitting, haha. (the alcohol is a strong sell point)

    aaaaand you just reminded me I set up an install-payment plan with the IRS and forgot to pay them. whoops.


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