Spring is the new summer.

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I used to be 100 percent convinced that summer -with its endless sunshine and temperatures edging up into the triple digits- was my absolute favorite season, but recently I've decided that summer can suck it. (Yep, you heard me, summer!) These days I have a new favorite: I freaking love spring. This might have something to do with the fact that the house we bought at the end of 2014 and which is awesome in so many ways, is very un-awesome in the fact that it doesn't have central air. And it turns out that 105 degrees outside is a whole lot less appealing and fun when its a smothering 85+ inside. I know...first-world problems, right? But air conditioning nonsense aside,  I do love this time of year: watching the hills turn green, each day lingering just a tiny bit longer than the last and I love taking advantage of the sunny but still mild weather to plant new flowers and watch them turn brown and die when I completely forget that whole 'watering' thing um...grow.  Madi and I have been spending a ton of time outside gardening recently, and in addition to the flowers this year I went big and branched out into veggie territory with tomatoes, peppers and squash. So we'll see how it goes...fingers crossed that I can keep my black-thumb in remission for at least a couple months.

Marked for death? I sure hope not! 

Yard work is always more fun with a little helper following behind to pick your freshly planted "seaweed." lol

Aww, a baby pepper plant. Isn't it cute?

To be honest, there's another big reason I love spring: it's when I start planning our warmer-weather adventures, and I swear planning everything out is half the fun. Because lists! And organizing! ...no? Anyway, this year Travis and I are thinking of crossing off one of our bucket list items (and using up some about-to-expire airline credits) by spending a few days in New York. I hate to admit it, but neither of us has been to the east coast. Ever. We'd also like to do an extended-family cabin trip somewhere within easy driving distance (Yosemite is currently at the top of that list!) Just...this year I'd really like to avoid the random summer hailstorms, car trouble and broken bones that have accompanied the last couple of "family trips." So much drama, I tell you! 

Are you making any plans for the summer? What's your favorite season?


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