Old School internet and a vacation for the mind

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I'm going way waaaay back for today's post you guys! Back to the dark ages of 1995, the year I discovered the internet. It was a thing back then -believe it or not- but just barely. I had come across one of those AOL CDs randomly at the post office (remember when you actually had to go to the post office for stuff?) and thought huh, that looks interesting. I took that bad boy home and promptly pulled up a chair in front of the family computer while my parents looked on with serious side-eye (WorldWideWhat?) And after an interminable wait while the program installed and squealed it's way through establishing a dial-up connection I was dun dun dunnnn....on The Internet! And I could go, well...not a whole lot of places actually. There were a few chat rooms where conversations were extremely challenging due to the fact that you'd have to constantly refresh your screen to see the latest comments. But there was no social media. No Google (how did we survive?) There were no blogs, no online shopping and most websites didn't even have pictures because uploading pictures required a whole extra piece of equipment. So I honestly have no idea what I could possibly possibly have spent so much time online doing back then, but thanks to my fascination with the interwebz, the awesome feeling of being connected to pretty much the whole world and the fact that AOL charged like a seedy motel by the hour I managed to run up a $600 internet bill that first month. (Turns out my parents were right to give me the side-eye, apparently.) How far we've come, right?

I also remember my first cell phone. Well okay, it wasn't exactly my cell phone it technically belonged to the ambulance company I worked for at the time and I only carried it on duty. It was a gigantic brick of a Nokia 5100 and the most notable feature -beside the fact that it actually made phone calls- was that it included this awesome little game called Snake, in which you moved some lines around to eat some dots. Seriously badass high tech-ery, right there! That was in 1999. It was years before I bought a phone of my own, I just didn't see the point. Ha.

Fast forward to the present day and my, how things have changed. My iPhone could now be considered a 5th appendage and 24/7 connectedness has become the norm. As awesome as that is in some respects, the constant flood of information and opinions can also be a little much sometimes. I'm pretty content and happy with who I am and where I'm at, but occasionally the sum total of HuffPo articles telling me how I'm "doing it wrong" combined with the "perfect" bodies, outfits, kids, vacations, whathaveyou plastered all over social media make me question myself and wonder if I really am making the right choices and headed in the right direction. Of course I know it's not real...no blog or social media account is ever going to give you the whole picture of someone's life, and no one's life is perfect (I was going to say except maybe Kylie Jenner's but then I couldn't with a straight face.) And many of the articles I'm referring to are obvious clickbait written specifically to stir up controversy so why would I let them bother me? Sometimes it just feels good to take a break from all of it anyway, you know? So that's what I did. Obviously it wasn't going to last forever, but the last couple of weeks I made a legitimate attempt to limit my internet time and disconnect from social media...a little vacation for the mind, if you will. Basically I lived it up like it was 1994 just, you know, with less fluffy hair. 

Stripes and high waisted shorts. Sooo 1994. Oh, wait....lol


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