Lately: a few things


So a couple weeks ago this happened:

You may be looking at the picture thinking "What happened? I don't really see anything." Well that, my friends, that teeny tiny little spider web of a crack is is the result of a grocery store parking lot fender bender. It was probably the most boring car "crash" in the history of car crashes. In fact, it was so minor that neither the other driver nor I was entirely sure if we had actually collided, even after we walked around and looked at both cars. But a $1400 estimate on my bumper and $1000 to replace her slightly dented/scratched rim and I think we're both "sure" now. Talk about a serious buzzkill! Not to mention that I now find myself driving through parking lots at slightly less than the speed of sloth with slightly more paranoia than a Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist...which is fun.

And then Last Monday I was sitting in class enjoying (haha) re-learning the process of factoring polynomials when I happened to look down at my phone and see several texts from the husband. Turns out he had slipped and fallen down the stairs while carrying Madi and he wasn't sure if he was okay and Madi wouldn't stop crying. I threw my books in my bag and raced home to find that the baby was actually fine, but Trav could hardly move. So we were off to Kaiser where we found that our StairMaster had a mild concussion and bruised neck and ribs. I'm so, so thankful his damage wasn't worse and that Madi was uninjured! But man, you know they say bad things come in threes so I'm hoping that's not the case here. 

Okay, so I know I'm waaaay behind with this, but I finally started reading The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini the other day. Have you read it? I love books that give me a little taste of other cultures, so I felt like it started off interesting, if a little slow. Around the halfway mark I became so aggravated with the main character and his string of horrible decisions that I actually wanted to reach through the pages and punch him in the throat. Or at least stop reading the book! I pushed through though, and now that I'm in the last few chapters I kind of don't want to put it down. Can't wait to see how it ends!

This morning I completed the Blogilates 1000 abs challenge (okay, technically I only completed 968 of the 1000 reps but I was so close!) along with two of the other Blogilates ab workouts. My core is seriously so much stronger now than it was pre-pregnancy when I was mainly focused on running! If only I could lay off the chocolate, I might actually be able to see how much stronger I'm getting. I just can't figure out how to let Cadbury Egg Season -aka Easter- pass by without paying it the homage it deserves. Le Sigh. 

How's life for you, lately? Have you conquered any new challenges? Read any good books? Gotten into any fender benders? (Hopefully not that last one, but if you have we can cry on each other's shoulders haha) Happy Monday!


  1. I LOVE the Kite Runner...made my class of juniors read it and the discussion we got from it!! it's a great book and well written. I love his other books too!!

  2. I really, really loved the ending! Can't wait to read A Thousand Splendid Suns :-)


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