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Well, hello friends! If you're reading this, then I suppose it's safe to assume we've all made it through this most dangerous of Mondays (fist bump for us!) 

I had no idea there was anything particularly noteworthy or commendable about surviving this particular Monday until my friend Erin brought an interesting fact to my attention. Did you know that if you live in an area that follows Daylight Savings Time, you run a 25% greater than normal risk of having a heart attack on the Monday following the "spring forward" time change? You're also at an increased risk for being involved in a car accident or a work place injury. I'm not gonna lie, as annoyed as I personally get with the whole DST thing, I find it difficult to believe that a mere 60 minutes could cause all that chaos. But this is apparently a studied and documented phenomenon. Craziness, I tell you. But we're survivors, right? Go us!

I actually wouldn't have been too shocked to have made it onto the casualty list after the last couple of days, to be honest (thanks to some #seriousgluttony.) Saturday started off with a birthday brunch for my bff where I ordered a perfectly seasoned fried chicken breast on a Belgian sour cream waffle with brown sugar syrup. It was one of those situations where the food comes and there's so much that you're like 'no way am I eating all that' and then it ends up being so freaking good that before you know it you're a half-second away from licking the plate. So that was probably a weekend's worth of calories in and of itself, but I didn't stop there. I went in to work a graveyard shift that night and my partner happened to say the magical words "chow mein" and before I knew it I found myself consuming a bowl of kung pao chicken with a an extra large side of self-loathing. And then yesterday we went to Travis's parent's house for a dinner to celebrate Madi and my father in law who both had birthdays. I was in charge of bringing wine and cake and so, you know, ended up also consuming a lot of wine. And cake. Incidentally, this wine that I posted on Instagram (and which I bought because the name/ladybug logo/sale price made it impossible to resist) is now my new absolute favorite. In fact, I'd even say it's amaZIN (haha) and I highly recommend purchasing a bottle or six immediately. 

Okay, I'm off to watch The Bachelor season finale (obviously!) and do some serious food-detoxing (after I finish my Cadbury eggs. Obviously!) Cheers to televised drama and making it through another dangerous time change in one piece ;-)


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