6 easy (and totally binge-worthy) appetizers

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Since Friday just happens to be the perfect time to share some "favorites" and I just happen to have a serious case of food-on-the-brain today, I'm going to go with it. Let's talk about appetizers! 

I'll be honest, I've had a few failures in the hors d'oueuvers department. If you know me, you know I'm no Gordon Ramsey. Any time I try to get a little too fancy in the kitchen, something invariably gets forgotten, undercooked or outright charred into oblivion. So of course I gravitate toward recipes that are not only delicious, but simple and tough to screw up. The links I'm going to share with you here are my absolute favorite appetizers and not only really, really tasty but easy, too! 

So, here you go: my all-time favorite appetizers from around the internet...enjoy!

I was introduced to these bad boys when my friend Chris brought them to a bridal shower last summer. I won't even tell you how many I ate, because it's actually embarrassing. Ironically, I don't particularly care for either spinach or artichokes, but those little bread bowls were so good that I basically gorged myself and then went home and made my own for a family get together soon after.


These things are so freaking good when they are steaming hot out of the oven with the bacon crisp and hot and the cheese  all melty-gooey. I will readily admit that I have made them for dinner on more than one occasion. (You can totally judge, it's okay.)

3. Baked ham and cheese sliders from Once Upon a Chef
I made this recipe for the first time when I was looking for an app that would be easy to transport across town, could be reheated if necessary and would appeal to a Superbowl beer-drinking crowd. I wasn't crazy excited about making them because I've had plenty of ham and cheese sandwiches over the years and they're not usually anything to write home about. Until now, that is. Turns out that when you layer the ham and cheese on sweet Hawaiian rolls and bake it all in a delectable butter sauce you get something waaaaaay better than mom used to put in your lunchbox. 


These are simple, gluten free and with the main ingredient being high-protein quinoa, have the added bonus of making you feel like you're eating something halfway healthy. The recipe calls for habanero sauce, but I used a milder red chili sauce and they turned out great!


I love dip. I mean, who doesn't love dip, right? This one is cheesy, bacony, spicy perfection and works great with chips, veggies or a baguette. Its easily one of my husband's favorites.


I first made these for a big group birthday party a couple years ago (so much fun!) I should warn you that unless you own a mandolin -which I do not- these take a little extra prep time if you'd rather not burn your hands off slicing into hot potatoes. Its worth it though, as this recipe is serious carby goodness! I highly recommend topping with sour cream or serving some on the side for dipping. 


Are you hungry yet?? My mouth is watering after posting all these pictures. Happy app'ing and have a great weekend!

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