Traintown & my favorite Superbowl commercial

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I don't talk about it a lot, but I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before on this blog that my husband works in law enforcement. His particular job assignment means that in addition to his regularly scheduled hours, he's also often asked to come in early, work late and spend a lot of time being on call. As much as I support his career and appreciate what he's accomplishing, I won't lie that it can be a little frustrating at times. When I've spent an hour prepping a meal and find out he won't make it home to eat or when we have to rush to get family here to watch Madi because I have a shift scheduled and he's gotten called into work on yet another day's great for the bank account, but definitely adds stress to the relationship. Where I consider myself lucky is that he's really aware of that, acknowledges it and does his best to make up for it at other times. 

Friday was one of those times where he was able to take the day off for some quality family togetherness. We ended up taking Madi to a local amusement park called TrainTown. 


It's a pretty small park with some carnival-type rides, a carousel and the main attraction: a kid size train that makes a trip around the park to a little kid sized town. Made loves "choo choos" so Traintown is one of her favorite spots. 

Waiting for the "big" train.

Saturday afternoon the husband volunteered for toddler duty and I had 3 beautiful, quiet hours of alone-ness, wandering around the mall doing some shopping. It's funny how something I took so completely for granted in my previous life has become the height of luxury! 

Yesterday was Superbowl obvs! Did you guys watch? Our Niners had a pretty terrible 5 and 11 season, so I wasn't supes excited about -or emotionally invested in- any of the playoff hoopla. I mean, I watched the big game,  but in a calm, not totally paying attention, no screaming at the TV or using inappropriate language (aka boring) kind of way. 

My favorite things about yesterday in no particular order: 1. Peyton Manning winning his 200th game (awesome way to cap off a stellar career!!) 2. Home made BBQ chicken pizza and a bottle of Kenwood sauvignon blanc. 3. Lady Gaga's rendition of the National Anthem, which I thought she nailed.  I loved that she performed without any weird latex costumes, crazy hats or prosciutto couture.  I even thought she rocked the red glitter eye shadow, but man oh man did I want to take a brush to her hair! I could not shake the mental comparison to Joe Dirt...

And lastly, 4. This commercial. I die. It got a couple bad reviews, but I love Amy Shumer and I watched it like 5 times in a row and laughed every time. 


I hope you had a great weekend too! If you're a Broncos fan, congrats on the win! What was your favorite commercial from yesterday? And what did you think of Queen Bey and the halftime show?


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