The Oscars and a couple other things

First things first. Did you see the Oscars last night? I was able to watch maybe 3/4 of the show and what I realized is, I really don't get out much any more. Aside from The Martian which the husband and I recently rented, I don't think I've seen a single one of the nominated movies. I definitely have a watch list going now, though! The Revenant is at the top (fist bump to Leo for taking home the win!) and Spotlight, Ex Machina and The Danish Girl will make for some good solo watching on the nights when Travis works late. I wasn't thrilled last year when Fury Road appeared as the latest Mad Max installment, but after watching it receive nominations -and awards- for pretty much every freaking category I may break down and watch that one too. 

And then, of course, we have to talk about the really important part of the night: the dresses, duh. There were so many beauties, but two in particular made me swoon: the little girl in me fell head over heels for the flowery seafoam Armani Cate Blanchett was wearing, and I loooved Jennifer Garner's sparkly black Versace. Two hot mamas for the win!

Via HollywoodLife and Popsugar

Aaaand for my nominations for least awesome dress of the evening it's a dead tie between Emily Blunt's uncomfortable looking throwback-to-freshman-homecoming and Heidi Klum's boho grandma-chic in 50 shades of lavender. Two gorgeous, talented ladies. Two really unfortunate choices. 

via don't really have a good segue from all the Oscar talk, but can I tell you that I've found a new Podcast obsession just in time?! I got all caught up with Serial and was at loose ends for about 5 minutes until I discovered The Black Tapes -a podcast about paranormal phenomena/investigators. I admit, I was disappointed when a little Googling revealed that the whole thing is entirely fictitious, but it's still good creepy fun. 

Lastly, we spent some time this weekend visiting cousins for this little cutie's first birthday...

And since balloons and cake are without a doubt the most direct way to my almost-two year olds heart, she wasn't exactly miserable about the whole thing. 

What did you think about this year's Oscars? Have you seen the movies? Who has your vote for best and worst dressed? 


  1. I didn't get a chance to watch, so I loved reading your post....especially with the dresses. Jennifer Garner. Yes! Gorg!

    1. The only reason I got to see the show is because my daughter actually asked to go to bed early, and my husband worked late. Never would have happened otherwise! Lol I was definitely drooling over the dresses :-)


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