Friday Favorites: Podcast Obsession & The Best Skewers Ever

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Happy Friday, guys! I'm definitely feeling the TGIF after a busy week so I figured I'd keep things simple today and share a few of the things making me happy lately.

1.) Podcasts. Specifically: Serial and Straight Up With Stassi.

I can't believe it's taken me this long to jump on the podcast bandwagon. For years I've assumed that podcasts were a modern version of the super boring AM talk radio my dad would occasionally subject me and my brothers to when we were kids. Hell, maybe that's actually accurate and I'm just so old now that I don't care anymore?? Either way, I guess it's probably not too shocking that I recently became hooked on Straight Up With Stassi (one of the stars of Vanderpump Rules) since you already know my weakness for reality TV. Listening to her show sort of feels like having my girlfriends gossiping around me while I'm doing something super boring and mundane like folding laundry. Bonus.

But oh man, Serial you guys! I'm obsessed and basically binge-listened to the entire first season + updates in under a week. If you're not familiar with the podcast, season 1 is the story of Adnan Syed: a Maryland teenager who was convicted -on what seems like pretty thin evidence- of murdering his girlfriend in 1999. If you listen, what do you think? Is Adnan an innocent victim of a broken system or an absolutely brilliant sociopath? I'm fascinated! Season 2 -the story of Bowe Berghdahl- is so far just as captivating. What in the world am I going to listen to when I'm all caught up?? Music? Psh. Lol

2.) Terriyaki pork and pineapple skewers.
Including fruit in an entree isn't usually my jam (haha) but seriously, I think pineapple on pizza is the absolute worst. There's something about this pork and pineapple combo that just hits the spot though, and it's such an easy meal to make! Cube some thick cut pork chops or pork sirloin and give them a good couple hour's soak in a teriyaki marinade. Then thread onto skewers alternating with pineapple chunks and throw the skewers on the grill. Rice goes great with these for a quick and easy side dish. I posted this pic on Instagram the other day and looking at it now is making me hungry all over again!

3.) These ankle boots. I picked them up at one of the little shoe stores in the mall recently and I've kind of been wearing them...a lot. They're super comfy and the light neutral color is just really easy to work with. 

Apologies for the pic quality...haven't had time to set up the whole Nikon/tripod deal in a hot minute. Lol

4.) I got a B on my first math exam of the semester (just barely!) Ordinarily I wouldn't even mention that, as an 81% isn't exactly a brag-worthy grade. However, since I was actually convinced I'd failed the test I was pretty stoked about it. I normally enjoy working under pressure, but when it comes to being tested on math I turn into a total borderline-panicky sweaty-palmed stress case. If I can get my sh** together and stay focused for the next exam maybe I'll do even better. 

5.) Toddlers are A**holes: It's Not Your Fault.
I know there's been some controversy surrounding this book (I've read a few ruthlessly critical, sanctimoniously negative reviews) but honestly, I appreciate the humor. To clarify: no, I do not actually think my toddler is an a-hole and yes, I love being a parent. It's just that sometimes after a long day of tantrums, whining, meals thrown on the floor, etc you need to laugh about it with someone who has been there. And the author (Bunmi Laditan) most certainly has. 

Linking up with Momfessionals & Sincerely Paula. Happy Friday!


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