Debates are my new trash TV & highlights from this week's Bachelor

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Hello gorgeous ladies! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and Valentine's Day! We were pretty lame around here this year since the husband and I have both been cutting back on the sweets and the wine (aka "dieting.") We did get to go see a matinee of DeadPool (romantic, right? Lol) and I loved watching Madi open her Valentine "presents" but most of our weekend involved less exciting stuff like cleaning out our walk-in closet and doing yard work. You win some, you lose some. Right?


So I'm old enough now that I've been through a few election years as an adult. One thing I have always always always avoided during election season was watching the political debates on the assumption that they were really just extra opportunities for candidates to go back and forth reiterating the party lines that everyone already knows blah blah boring blah. Well, ladies and gentleman I am here to tell you I was wrong about that. So gloriously wrong. I switched on the TV Saturday night and the first channel to come up happened to be showing the Republican debate. Can I just tell you that watching JEB, Trump and Cruz throw barbs and hurl insults at one another was at least as entertaining as the most dramatic episode of The Bachelor (which was actually last Monday and I didn't even have time to blog about it so booooo for that.) Anyhow, in summation, political debates are my new reality TV. I guarantee you I'll be watching a few more before the polls open. 

Okay, on to this week's Bachelor highlights!

This week Ben takes the final 6 women home to bustling Warsaw, Indiana (population 14,000.) 5 minutes in, a few of the girls are already ready to jump on the baby makin' family raisin' bandwagon.

Lauren gets the first date in Ben's hometown and predictably everyone else is pissed. And "terrified." And "overthinking it." The date includes a tour of the local hot spots: high school! Church! Hotel! and then they head to the youth club where Ben used to work -possibly because he is actually a saint- and play basketball with the kids and a couple members of the Indiana Pacers basketball team. Later they touch on Crazy Leah's criticism from last week about Lauren acting differently around Ben, and something about the dialog or the camera angle or the lighting or something makes me feel like I'm  watching a really cheesy episode of Days of our Lives.

Jojo has Ben-time next and he takes her to Wrigley Field in Chicago for the obligatory "deserted baseball field date." (When and why did this become a thing??) After playing around (pun intended) they have dinner in the outfield and it looks sort of cold and windy and uncomfortable...kind of like the start of their serious dinner convo. Ben expresses that he feels taken aback by Jojo's recent pulling away and nervousness. (Umm, I totally thought he was into that after his positive response last week to Caila's confusingly circular having the feels/not having the feels/I might love you/I might break your heart nonsense.) Either way, Jojo decides she's still #TeamBen after all.

Caila, Amanda and Becca have a group date this week involving kites and rowboats and a farm, but mostly involving trying to see who can be the most awkward and miserable.  Ben takes Caila aside for a little chat and asks her if she could see herself ever settling in one place. In typical W-T-F Caila fashion she compares herself to tree moss and says "I could see myself moving or I couldn't." (Seriously, I think this girl has a future in politics.) Anywho, Amanda gets the rose and she and Ben take off in the limo leaving Becca and Caila to work up their respective existential crises. Maybe the girls would have been a little less bummed if they had known Ben was taking Amanda to....McDonald's. McFreakingDonald's. (I can literally hear the sound of the record scratching as they walk up to the door.) Sometimes you just need an Egg McMuffin, a super size fries and some bonding time working the drive thru to know if you're really compatible with someone. I guess?  #macattack

Emily gets a date with Ben, and Cailas exasperated because "She's just a bright eyed puppy. She has so much to learn. I don't know if she's there yet." #Irony. Then again, she's not totally wrong. The parents are not impressed with Emily's dislike of vegetables and big dreams of becoming an NFL cheerleader so Ben returns Emily to the house and promptly dumps her with the other girls looking on. Ouch.

Becca leaves the rose ceremony empty handed this week, after showing more emotion than we've seen from her in a season and a half. Ah well, there's always Bachelor in Paradise.

Until next time, Bachelor Nation!


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