Plague, chocolate and man colds.

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Have you ever had one of those colds that came on so gently it kind of tricked you into thinking you were superwoman for a minute? You know, the kind that starts off with maybe just a little mild congestion so its like hey, clearly I'm sick but I'm not even letting it slow me down because that's just how awesome I am! And then just as you're thinking 'I'm totally almost better and I wasn't even hardly sick, ha!' Suddenly you feel like 7 kinds of hell snotting in every possible direction with a cough akin to gargling razor blades (hypothetically, that is. Because, you know, surprisingly I haven't done an actual comparison on that one.) And then you realize that the whole time you thought you were being sick like a boss you were actually just in the eye of the hurricane. Yeah, so that's where I'm at right now (in the hell part, not the eye part just to clarify.) And i can totally imagine myself in a couple days feeling like one of those inept villains at the end of a Scooby Doo cartoon shaking my fist in the air and screaming "I'll get you next time you pesky virus!" 

Am I even making sense at this point? I may or may not have ingested multiple types of cold medicine in an attempt to get myself to some level of functionality this morning. One of the boxes said that taking too much may cause "euphoria." Well, I'm definitely not euphoric but I haven't had to blow my nose in a good 10 minutes either so I guess I'd call that winning! So far the husband hasn't contracted my plague, and Madi has just a mild cough, so I guess I can add those blessing to the winning column as well. There's nothing worse than seeing your baby sick, and we all know how fun it is dealing with the ahem...dreaded "man cold." (Just kidding, my love.) But seriously, this video cracks me up!

In other news, yesterday while I was still unknowingly in the "eye" of my misery, I had a chance to participate in the Hot Chocolate 5k in San Francisco with a few girlfriends. I had to wake up silly early and omg it was cold (by California standards. People in other parts of the country/world would probably beg to differ...) but we were literally greeted by a row of people handing out chocolate as soon as we got off the shuttle. Halfway through the course there were chocolate and water stations    -although I   personally find water to be irrelevant when chocolate is available- and at the end we were handed bowls with melted chocolate and various dippers. The race we did benefitted Ronald McDonald House, which is an awesome charity that helps families stay near their sick kids while they're in the hospital. It would have been worth participating just for that, but the chocolate was the icing on the proverbial cake. This run happens all over the country, so go do one and let me know how awesome it was!!

Stay healthy, my friends!


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