Giving Monday a kick in the pants

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This morning I woke up thinking, poor Monday! It must kind of suck to be the only day of the week that no one -including me- really likes. Now that work is only a part-time deal I don't necessarily have a legitimate reason for Monday-bashing; I think it's just become part of my DNA.

Today I decided that Madi and I should enjoy this little break from the all the constant drizzly rain we've had recently, and kick Monday in the pants by heading to the Children's Museum for some hard core playtime. In order to get out the door by 8:30 with me showered and looking semi-human -and Madi to get the full half hour she needs to consume two tiny pancakes and half an egg- required getting up at 6am. It was totally worth it though! When we pulled into the parking lot and she realized where we were she couldn't get inside fast enough. "C'mon mama! C'mon mama! Walk!!" (Sorry kid! Cut the old lady some slack!)

Incidentally, I feel like "museum" is kind of a misnomer for a place that actually encourages kids to run around screaming like banshees and touch, throw or climb on pretty much everything. Up until a couple weeks ago when a friend of my husbands invited us to the museum for her 2 year old's birthday bash I had avoided the place like the plague. I wrongly assumed that any venue referring to itself as a "museum" was sure to be chock full of "no-no's" and breakable stuff. And if there's one thing I've learned thus far on this parenting journey, its that you just don't go looking for that kind of trouble. Ever.  It was obviously a case of first time mom-ness rearing it's ignorant head, because everyone else in the world seems to know what those places are all about. And hey, I totally get it now!

Happy Monday, guys! Are you doing anything to kick today in the pants?


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