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After logging in to write my first post in about a billion years and considering what I'd like to do differently with blogging this time around, I decided that maybe my very first change should be a new name. GirlDefyingGravity occasionally inspired questions like: "So, are you an adrenaline junky or something?" "What are you, like, a skydiver?" And I always felt a little awkward trying to explain that the name was a reference to a song in a musical. I mean, think musicals are cool (duh!), but it's kind of a letdown to someone who thinks you might be a badass base-jumper. So now my blog has a name that speaks more to my current situation and in fact, really shouts out where I'm at in life. (Hint: where I'm at is usually pretty darn close to the coffee maker.) Anywho, once I decided on a new name...well then, I obviously needed a new domain to match. And a cleaner look. And just some general all-around updating. For the past day and a half I've pretty much had my head buried in my laptop while Madi climbed on me like a jungle gym, threw goldfish at the dog and watched Frozen for 312th time. (I realize this is probably going to earn me the coveted Mom of the Year award, so now I have the added stress of preparing my acceptance speech haha.) I've learned more than I really wanted to know about DNS settings, CNAME records and what the employees over at Google and GoDaddy sound like on the telephone. But you know what? I really think all the child-neglect and time spent listening to crappy elevator music while on "hold" was worth it.  I have a very comfy feeling opening up the blog now, similar to the one I get when I put on my favorite pair of joggers, only those are never going out in public. If you're still reading, thanks for sticking with me, and I do hope you'll stay. I know I plan to! :-) 

**disclaimer: I would never actually neglect my child. Only kidding about that. Not that child-neglect is a laughing matter. At all. Ok, I'm going to stop before this gets any more awkward. Ciao!


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