A little reality talk.

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Lets talk reality, ladies. Not real reality. I'm talking reality TV! I can't help it, I'm obsessed. It's a sickness! I may not be able to curl up on the couch for a day-long TV watching bender now, but I still manage to get my fix in bits and pieces. Thank GOD for whatever genius invented the DVR and OnDemand. Seriously, can you imagine how many VHS I'd go through if I still had to "tape" shows like the old days? Anyway...

First off, this week's standout Bachelor folks: although I was totally unimpressed with last season's #princefarming, Ben is a whole 'nother story.  I like Ben. And as a happily married woman, that's all I'll say about that one. As for the girls, well...hooooooly crap, Olivia. All I could think watching her reaction to not receiving the one-on-one date card this week was that she looked like Animal from The Muppet Show.

Isn't the resemblance uncanny?

Yep, halfway through this week's episode I was ready for her to take her cavernous mouth, bitchy attitude and "Ben is my man" crazy-talk home and take Lace The Awkward Stalker with her. Except, except...the quintessential Bachelor cattiness is half the point of watching, amiright?  I would love to see an epic throw down between those two. No one else was really a negative standout this week except Sam, and only because I felt sorry for her during the "love doctor" group date. Imagine your dream guy telling you you smell "sour!!" Ack! I wasn't shocked when he sent her home.

My favorite Bachelor girls this week: Becka (surprising, because I really, really wanted her to go home last season) and Jubilee (total badass and I can see why guys find that intimidating.) I've got my eye on Amanda and Lauren B. And although I don't necessarily think she'll be around long I would love to hear Shoshanna's story! Came to the US with 2 pairs of shoes and 2 bottles of vodka and just decided to stay? I'm intrigued. Do you have any Bachelor love/hates yet this season?

Ok, can we talk Married at First Sight for a minute? Have you seen the show? Seems the "experts" aren't doing so hot in the matchmaking department.  How many of the previous season's couples are still together? Two out of six? And this season, hoo boy. I can't help but wonder if they legitimately try to pick compatible couples or if they're just angling for the drama/fights/ratings. Tres and Vanessa seem like they have the best chance at making their marriage work (and aren't they cute??) but what's with the others? Ashley can't get over the fact that David isn't "tall, dark and handsome" enough to even give hime the time of day (it is so awkward watching them interact) and I swear Samantha is bipolar. I cringe watching her swing between "I see why we were matched" and insulting Neil's manhood. Yikes! Get a grip girl!

Did you see that Shaun T has a reality show now? If you've ever suffered through the gallons of sweat and agonizing pain known as Insanity or T25 then you know who I'm talking about. Abs for daaaaaaays. His new show is a diet competition called My Diet is Better Than Yours. Is that really a thing? Watching people diet? Kind of a weird premise for a TV show, and I admit I'm giving it the side-eye. But I know I'll be checking it out sooner or later because, abs. 

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Last but not least, I was thisclose to signing up for a Hulu subscription in order to indulge in some  late-night binge-watching of Coach Charming (about a divorced, gay -I think- lawyer slash beauty pageant coach.) I'm telling ya, that shiz is right up my alley but I didn't find out about the show until the season was over, and Hulu has apparently never heard of it. Psh. Whatevs, Hulu. Guess I'll have to drown my disappointment in some Vanderpump Rules. 

Tell me I'm not alone, you guys! Tell me you like crap TV too!


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