...2 Years Later

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Hello, how are you?
It's so typical of me to talk about myself I'm sorry.
I hope that you're well.

Dear Blog, 
It has been 700 days since my last post. At this point I've probably been given up for dead! Truthfully, I never stopped blogging...in my head, at least (see also: "talking to yourself," being "eccentric" and "having issues.") But I wrote my last post a couple weeks before this little superhero made her appearance...

Blog, meet Madison Claire, aka MadBug.

...and I wasn't sure I'd ever be back to the site. Having a newborn and all the craziness that entails for a total newb of a parent turned life upside down for awhile. Suddenly, my limited free time was spent -not in trying to get a few of my thoughts into coherent words- but in attempting to perform such life sustaining activities as eating food, taking a shower, and very very occasionally, sleeping. All while trying to keep another very tiny, very demanding and completely helpless human being alive. Middle of the night feedings would find me scouring the internet for answers to such urgent questions as 'When will my baby sleep for more than an hour??' 'What is "baby acne??" 'And 'Is crying for hours every. single. night. at 7pm normal??" Needless to say, it was all a pretty drastic change from years of unadulterated freedom and sleeping in 'til 10 on weekends.

Not gonna lie, it's taken me awhile to get my bearings and find my new normal. Some days are a constants struggle with achieving a good mom/wife/me balance, although things have settled into a pretty comfortable routine of part-time work, part-time school and full time toddler shenanigans.

Now that I've "broken the seal" on this old blog though, I'm hoping to stick around for awhile --if I can manage to do that without compromising the more important things in life. This time around I'd like to do some things a little differently, but eh, plenty of time to talk about that later!

Hello from the outside!

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  1. Welcome back to blogging -- I totally get it! I took a break after my first, and it's been a rocky, crazy road since having our second about two years ago. Have fun! :)

    ps: that ecard is amazing/fact.



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