Oh God. Not the drill.

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So I had planned to do a little Christmas catching-up on the blog this weekend. But my mouth, apparently, had other ideas. 

See, I'm a habitual dentist-avoider. I know, I know…it's a character flaw, and what follows is probably my own fault. But I brush and I floss and generally -in the interest of self preservation- I see no reason to subject myself to these sorts of horrifying scenarios…!

Right?? Well, my avoidance caught up with me Saturday when one of my molars became infected. (For the record, I do not recommend a dental abscess. Possibly the worst thing ever!)  I spent most of Saturday and all of Sunday laying on the couch attempting not to move. Or swallow. Or breathe. I knew I was in a bad way when I couldn't muster the effort to yell at the TV during Sunday afternoon football...or to care about the pan of dark chocolate sea-salt fudge languishing in the fridge. (Btw, did I mention I tested negative for gestational diabetes?? Thank the good Lord!) 

Anyhoo, while we're on the topic, can someone please, please explain to me why these types of unexpected events always seem to happen on a weekend when all the dentists are apparently out getting trashed on PBR and playing mini-golf?? (Or maybe that's just what I'd be doing if I'd had my hands in people's disgusting mouths for 5 straight days Lol.) But seriously.

Fortunately I made it to this morning and was able to get an appointment with a very understanding and non-scary dentist who gave me a prescription for Amoxicillin. Along with some bad news….

Yep. Looks like I'll be ringing in the New Year at the endodontist, having my very first -and hopefully last- root canal. Wish me luck (and may we all have less painful adventures in 2014)!!  

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  1. Feel the same way about dentists, and my avoidance it seems comes with consequences. Found out I need a root canal, possibly two, which has me feeling anxious. It's been a crazy experience, one I definitely have to write about as well. Good luck!


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