Well, now I've done it. Or rather, blogger has done it.

I thought a little spring...er winter...cleaning was in order around these parts since I've been away for so long. I thought it would be a good idea to sort through my reading list and delete those blogs those have gone private or closed down in the last few months. Apparently Blogger took offense to that. And deleted my entire list of blog subscriptions.

Yes...yes, Blogger did. So now I have to somehow get this prego-brain in gear (not an easy task!) and attempt to recall the names of all 50+ of my very favorite, must-have-it-in-my-feed blogs (Not to mention a handful of new-to-me blogs I've fallen in love with this week!) In the meantime, feel free to help a sister out and leave your awesome blog links in the comment section!!

And if you happen to be thinking to yourself, "what kind of loser doesn't already use Bloglovin or Feedly or an actual legitimate blog reader??"  Point taken. lol


  1. Haha been there, done that! I had a list of my favorites saved in a file until one day my computer had a meltdown and deleted it. Whoops. That was the day that I decided to join Bloglovin' ;)


  2. Not sure if you were following, but I'm at http://jlovesk2.blogspot.com/

    And FWIW, I am lovin' Feedly!


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