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One of the problems that comes with being away from the blog world for so long (and if you're a blogger you know darn well 5 months equals like 10 blog-years!) is ending up with a lot of really important unanswered questions.

Questions like: "Are boot socks still a thing this winter?"  and "When the heck does the new season of the Bachelor actually start?" (I know, I know there's a ton of previews on...but how's a girl supposed to notice silly things like dates while being distracted by Juan Pablo??)

Life changing stuff, right?!

And speaking of life changing, I'm headed for a big one...

Back in March, after months of trying to conceive and good old Aunt Flow continuing to drop by on the regular (like a complete bish), Travis and I started Kaiser's infertility program: attending special classes and having a full spectrum of tests. Which found no issue with either of us. Which actually stressed me out more. I wanted to know what the issue was, so we could figure out how to fix it! In the midst of studying for Anatomy finals and working full time, the stress got to me and I decided I needed a mental and emotional break from blood tests and ovulation kits.  And lo' and behold, in June, the magic happened.

Given my AMA (that's Advanced Maternal Age, btw...nothing like the wonderful world of medical labels to give a girl -or should I say decrepit old lady- a good ego boost!) I've been fortunate to make it just shy of 7 months feeling great! There have been a few road bumps: a partial placenta previa (move placenta, move!), every prego lady's friend anemia and I may or may not have failed my one-hour glucose test last week. Shocking really, as I consider myself to have been in training for a test like that since my bestie and I were 7 and started blowing all our allowance on Pixie Stix and Sugar Babies at the corner store. (Oh God. There is a Reese's peanut butter cup literally staring at me -and taunting me- as I type this. The guilt!)

So far, the life changes have been minimal, and mostly work related: going from the fun stuff like working vehicle accidents... (I guess I'm using the term "working" somewhat loosely here, as I am apparently the only one not doing a lot of "work" on this scene...that's awkward.)

Dear Partner, if you're reading this please don't hate me for posting a picture of your butt!

 And doing some tractor modeling…

(Not a routine part of the job, btw. But it IS what happens when your ambulance gets a flat tire in the actual middle of nowhere and you have to wait 8 or so hours for a tow truck.)

...To working a desk, which has apparently released my inner post-it whore. Who knew?

Tomorrow morning I have my 3 hour glucose test to determine whether I have gestational diabetes. Giving up cookies and fudge at Christmas?? Now THAT's a big life change.  :-)


  1. So glad to see you back!! I, myself, have been battling the TTC demons for a year with no luck as well. I actually kicked up blogging to try and "forget about doing it"....I suppose it hasn't worked as well as I had hoped. Congrats on your new (future) babe!!

    1. Thank you so much, on both counts! And yeah, it is really hard to "forget" about something you want so much...and that just adds more stress to an already difficult situ. GL to you!! xo

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks chica! And thanks for being here!


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