Adios 2013! You were a good year!

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Okay, I'll admit it. It feels pretty weird to be sitting at home on a New Year's Eve hanging out in pj's with just the hubby and this here little blog o' mine, instead of having a wild night on the town involving too many drinks and probable inappropriateness. But that's where I am in life at the moment…and I'm okay with that. For now. Next year? There may very well be a good amount of drinking and inappropriateness. You know, if we can find a reliable babysitter. Lol

Since there's not much else on the agenda for this evening, I figure it's as good a time as any to take a look at some of my favorite memories from the last year!

Memories like...

- Having an ambulance partner who finds amazing eateries like the Best Little Porkhouse in San Rafael (with evil BBQ sauce for the win! Lol)

- Hanging out at the fair with my bestie's adorable mini-me...

- Florida Georgia Line concert (complete with crazy middle-aged women trying desperately 
to get the bands attention. No, I don't mean us! Lol)

- Seeing an actual "shaggin wagon." Is it totally creepy that this made my list?? LOL

- Girl's trip to Reno…so much fun!

- Actually getting the hubby out for a rare hike at Armstrong Redwoods

- Russian River Mud Run (because sometimes you just have to get dirty. While wearing waterproof
mascara of course!)

- A week in Vegas for my Brother in Law's wedding at Mandalay Bay :-)

- A friend's wedding (where my husband showed off his amazing beer "skills" and I mistakenly thought I could still do 5" heels while prego, and paid the price by limping on swollen feet for 3 days afterwards…lol)

Cheers, 2013! You were a pretty good year!


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