A small case of blogger's paralysis


Definition: a temporary condition of paralysis affecting one or both hands of the blogger in the presence of a laptop, desktop computer, iPad or other communication technology. Often accompanied by feelings of blogging inadequacy brought on by over-exposure to high quality blogs with excellent content. 

It's a thing, I swear! See, there I was: Super beyond words excited for the school semester to be over, to have some extra free time (to write a million blog posts!) (to do Pinterest projects that would put Martha to shame!) (to read all the books waiting in my Kindle library!) and what have I done with myself so far?? Well...none of those things. And I've missed blogging most of all. But man, I don't know if you've ever experienced this, but every so often when I really get into reading all my fave blogs I start comparing myself...and not in a good way. I start thinking that until I can write something as clever/funny/insightful/original/whatever as so-and-so then I just shouldn't bother writing anything at all. I become extremely self-critical, and avoid my blogger account like I owe it money. Which really, is ridiculous. I'm not trying to win any awards here. I don't make money with my little blog. It's a hobby...it's for fun and a chance to be creative and make connections. So for God's sake, I just need to relax already and get on with it!

...Whew...felt good to get that out there.

In my last few free days (since I obviously haven't been blogging) I've worked on getting my kitchen into shape. I'm ashamed -like really ashamed- to admit that the hubby and I actually started on our "fix up the kitchen" project last October. We got as far as painting the ceiling and trying out a few color swatches on the walls. Since we couldn't seem to agree on a color at all...well...our little project stalled and our poor kitchen spent 8 months looking a bit like a homeless encampment. (Sorry not sorry, I could not agree to a red kitchen...next to the green living room. This ain't Christmasland!)

Is it wrong that I like this pic just because it somehow makes my butt look better
than usual??

Anyhoo, we finally broke our stalemate and just painted the kitchen a neutral color. Added some curtains, new rugs...done! If you happen to follow my instagram you may have seen this a few days back: I made a set of cushions for the long window seat that runs across one end of the room, and they turned out fine...better than I expected. You know, except that they don't match the curtains even remotely...which makes me feel kind of like the villain at the end of a Scooby Doo episode: foiled again! Damn you DIY projects...you get me every time!

Sooo, we -and by we I mean I- have a few odds and ends still to take care of (like making new cushion covers...meh!) but we finally have a fully functional kitchen again! Woot!

Pattern mixing fail (it's a little more obvi in the next picture)
...good thing I don't try it with my outfits!

Is a kitchen really a kitchen without a shrine to alcohol? I think not!

So how are you guys spending your free time now that summer is officially here? (...it is summer now right? ...or did I screw that up? Eh, whatever. Close enough.) I need some fun ideas that don't involve endless paint cans and sore shoulders! 

*paralysis cured! :-)


  1. I started grad school this year, which means summer school - for the first time EVER in my life. The window seat looks adorable. I am glad you are putting your new found time to such good use!! If I had more free time, that's still not what I would be doing. Haha. No domestic skills here.

  2. Girl those pictures look to me like you've been super productive this summer so far. Totally not bad you like that pic. First thing I thought when I saw that pic, before reading your comment, was "she looks good painting!!" I mean I don't know what your bum usually looks like but you're right it looks good in this pic. ;)

  3. I took a blogging hiatus as well. Not intentional, and I immediately felt guilty, but like you, I couldn't figure out how to be awesome....all the words were jumbled together in my brain. Ah well....moving on. And PS- your ass DOES look great in that photo! Ha!

  4. Hahaha, really you looks amazing in butt shorts:) When I moved into my apartment I didn't take pictures of damage that were there before. (Oh, silly me. Now I'm stuck with this mess on my own.) Anyway, the cabinet and countertop are about 2 in. from the wall.



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