talkin 'bout FREEDOM!

Ah, freedom! You better believe that's whats on my mind today! Not freedom of the democratic variety, although that would be a lovely topic for a blog of a more serious nature. I'm talking about freedom of the mind girlfriend! Freedom to have my brain-space all to myself. (If you haven't guessed, finals week has left me all kinds of giddy.) 

My exams this morning were done by 8:30 -so early!- and I figured it had to be 5 o' clock somewhere I should probably go for a run with the hubby. I've been somewhat unsuccessfully fighting off a cold/cough/laryngitis thing for the last 2 weeks and my inability to take a deep breath without hacking up a lung has made me tres lazy about working out. Today was my first time back on the horse since getting sick, so we decided on an easy three miles. Running is one of my favorite times to just let my thoughts flow and mull things over, and about ten minutes in I caught myself... I had unconsciously started reviewing retroperitoneal organs. And that's when I realized: I don't have to think about that stuff anymore! I can think about...anything! Whatever I this blog! My mind is officially my own again, and I can't tell you how good it feels. 

And now that Anatomy is finito, I'm officially ready to apply to nursing school! Finally! It's been a long, long road of terrible prerequisites to get to this point.

In any case, there will be no more of this for at least 3 whole months...

I'm ready for lots and lots of this...

Who's with me??

I've got the fever...

You guys, I have a serious (spring) fever going on here, and the only cure is more cowbell spending every possible waking moment outside. Walking to class yesterday at 9am is was already nearly 80 degrees. My inner child had a big fat tantrum knowing I'd have to spend 5 hours of a gloriously sunshiny day cooped up inside with a bunch of cadavers and random body parts carefully preserved in Tupperware. I mean, come on! Who cares about the histology of liver lobules?? I should be out hiking! Or going for a bike ride!

Today started out a little more promisingly. The hubby's been out of town for a few days doing some training, and this morning I managed to drag my butt out of bed early enough (seriously, me getting out of the house before 10 am on a non work/school day is pretty darn rare) for us to have breakfast out at a restaurant downtown at a nice little outdoor table. 

And then, before I could decide what to do with the rest of this gorgeous day, disaster struck. Okay, not disaster exactly...but I've been called in to work a mandatory shift, which  -when you are jonesing for some outdoor time-  feels dramatically terrible. (Insert sad pity-party face)

Ah well, on a cheerier note, I am totally obsessed with coral lately. I can't get enough! And this outfit seemed perfect for a casual breakfast. What colors are you loving for spring?

Sweater: F21, Blouse: TJ Maxx, Shorts: H&M, Sandals: Target

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