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Happy Thursday guys! I'm super excited today because we're finally in the countdown to the end of the Spring semester. (If you're in class too then I'm sure you're with me on this one!) Anyhoo, 27 days! Less that 4 weeks and I can put Anatomy behind me forever and get to enjoying a stress-free summer!

Yesterday I finished the 3rd of 5 major exams so I finally feel like I can take a breather and think about other things (like blogging!) for 5 minutes.

Now don't get me wrong, it hasn't been 100% work and studying lately...maybe only 90%. I've still had a little time for this:

online shoe shopping! How did we survive before that was a thing?? You know, back in the olden days of the late 90's and early 2000's? Anyway, now I just need to find someplace to wear these babies!  (Like dinner with the girls tonight...Happy Birthday Chris!)

And of course, with the weather being so beautiful and sunshine-y lately I've had to put my notes down and make some time to pimp out the back yard (aka plant flowers, pull weeds taller than my husband and hack down trim the gigantic rosemary bush going rogue in the side yard). And I happen to be a firm believer that any and all manual labor deserves a celebratory glass of bubbly!

We had a little sitch in our laundry room the other day when I found a puddle of water on the washer and we realized our in-home sprinkler system had sprung a leak. Oops! We (and by we I mean my husband) had to fix some plumbing and replace a huge chunk of moldy sheet rock. Yuck! Lucky one of us is good with tools (hint: it's not me.)

I've also made time recently to scare the bejesus out of Travis (and now maybe you!) trying out one of my fave new beauty products: Origins Clear Improvement active charcoal mask. Works like a charm (looks terrible)!

Okay, okay back to the books! Hopefully soon we'll all be spending our days more like this:

<3 you guys!


  1. Super cute bathing suit! I'm a sucker for ruffles and polka dots.

  2. So, now might not be the time to tell you my classes ends this week? ;) Good luck!!

  3. Your backyard is looking great! I love having a drink outside when it's all sunny and nice! LOVE IT!


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