Listen all ya'll it's a sabotage...

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Okay, so I realize I'm kind of dating myself here, but "Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys is probably one of my all-time favorite music videos: the toupees, the faux mustaches, the sexy trench wrong. And yet so right. Don't believe me? Watch for yourself!


Eh, maybe it's just me. But this video seemed fitting for today since sabotage just happens to be what I've been doing to myself lately. (How's that for a segue? Subtle, right?)

Time to catch up on what has become one of the biggest parts of my daily life lately: Revolt Fitness. The fifth week of our "Uprising" is coming to a close and wow, has it ever been a challenging few weeks! 

First, the good stuff: at this point we've had a total of 24 scheduled workouts, and I've managed to stay almost completely on track with that, missing only one. Yay me! This might not necessarily seem like a big deal, but I have serious exercise ADD and eventually quit most programs out of boredom. (I'm looking at you P90X and Brazilian Butt Lift) For me to have stuck with something on a regular basis for 5 weeks speaks volumes about what an awesome job Nicole does of keeping the workouts fresh and interesting. Not only am I not even remotely bored, but I feel stronger, and I'm starting to see some muscle definition, especially in my legs and bootie. Woot! Buh-bye muffin top!

Okay, so now for the bad: this is where the sabotage comes in. Although I did awesome with the diet for the first nine days (totally sugar free!) then, then Travis and I took off to Vegas for a little spring break R&R. If you've ever been to Vegas,  you know my dilemma...that whole damn city is wall to wall with amazing restaurants (it would be cray to skip dessert!) and the casinos pretty much shove free drinks down your throat (far be it from me, apparently, to say 'no thank you' to gratis cocktails.) Anyhoo, you can imagine I fell -or rather jumped- off the wagon and headfirst into a loaf of jalapeno asiago bread for a few days. Since we've been home, I've managed to get back to clean eating...mostly. I'm all about the fresh meats and veggies and  haven't had a Lean Cuisine in weeks but with my weird work/school schedule, following the Revolt diet to a tee has been next to impossible. And my biggest problem, my biggest issue, the bane of my existence is my terrible sweet tooth. My self-sabotage in the form of indulging candy cravings is definitely keeping me from reaching my full potential. I need to get a grip you guys!! Seriously, I need some kind of restraining order for any and all chocolate related goods. 

Yup. That's pretty much how I feel. Like a crazy whacked-out candy monster. 

Well, fortunately, tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity to make good decisions. Hopefully, admitting and documenting my mistakes will be the catalyst I need to change...and put down the Reese's. I'd like the rest of my fitness challenge to have a new theme: less "Sabotage" and more Nelly's "The Champ."


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  1. Wow haven't heard the Beastie Boys mentioned in a while, brought me back to a Madonna concert I attended where they were the opening act! I find myself singing No Sleep Till Brooklyn now. ha Btw, I think it's okay to indulge in junk food here and there and especially on vacation. You deserve a little reward for all that working out. :)


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