devil dog

Blog world, meet Harley...

the devil in a chi-weenie suit. 

I can imagine what you're thinking...that cute, innocent sleepy little puppy is the devil?? No! And, okay I may be exaggerating a little bit. He can be pretty adorable sometimes. At other times...he has me considering full scale dog-acide. See, Harley is a chihuahua/dachshund mix, the stereotypical spoiled only fur-child belonging to my dad, and this week Travis and I have been pet-sitting the little guy. You know those people who think their own children are angels and everyone else's kids suck? Yeah, that's me, know, with animals. 

It's just that Harley has a different way of doing things. He likes to investigate. Everything.

He likes to stick his nose in your mug and drink your coffee. A caffeinated chi-weenie is not a pleasant chi-weenie. And an un-caffeinated me is not a pleasant me.

He likes to bob for tennis balls. Gross, Harley.

And he likes to sing for joy when I arrive home from work. Only, his singing sounds like screaming, and his screaming makes Eddie howl, and the howling makes Ella bark. So basically it sounds like I'm running some kind of doggy water-boarding torture in my garage at 12 am. My neighbors love me right about now. (Sorry neighbors!)

Ultimately, will I be sorry to see devil dog return home today? Nope! Will I pet sit again? You betcha! Cause who doesn't like to hang out with the devil now and then? For my dad, anything!


  1. My Doxie pulls tissues out of the bathroom rash can every time I shower! He also loves to chew on cotton balls with nail polish remover on them.

  2. Ahh, he is cute, even when he does monstrous things. Bobbing for tennis balls in the toilet? Sick!! Loved seeing your recap of a Vegas vacay on the blog too, you totally made me want to go back!

    In other news, I gave you an award over on my blog :)


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