And speaking of Vegas...

We weren't though, were we? But that's okay, cause I love me some Vegas!
Travis and I decided a little Spring Break relaxation was in order this year and since Sin City 
is only an hour's flight away -and there are tons of great deals online- we thought, why not?
We decided to try out Vdara, a newish hotel at City Center, and booked our package through Travelocity. The room was gorgeous, and I think the view proves it was a good choice!

I found a little lace party dress on Amazon for $25 and it needed only minor alterations to get it
Vegas-fied (win!)

In two and a half days we managed lots of window shopping, gambling (I freak out -sick to my stomach, seriously- if I lose more than $20. My husband does not have that problem...which may be why he wins and I don't. Lol) and saw the new Cirque show Zarkana (loved!) We stuffed our faces ate at some great restaurants: Julian Serrano at Aria for tapas was one of my faves this trip, and we celebrated our anniversary a teensy bit early at Nob Hill Tavern, where we had our wedding reception last summer. 

The only bad was our flight with Spirit Air. Have you heard of Spirit? Neither of us had, so of course my dramatic hubby was convinced we were going to crash and die somewhere over the Sierras. That didn't happen, obvi. Thank goodness. But oh em gee, those flights were so bad it was comical: late both ways (6 hours for the return trip...patience is not a virtue of mine and that made me really cranky), a $100 charge for carry-on bags (say what??) seats so tiny it was like squeezing into a 5 year old's booster chair...and the kicker? The lady in the row behind me asked for a glass of water, to which the flight attendant responded, "Ma'am, we don't offer complimentary beverages." 
Really? You don't offer complimentary water?? 
So yeah. Next time no cut-rate airlines.

Other than that little glitch, I couldn't have asked for a better mini-vacay! If only 
we didn't have a billion and twelve weeks of school left until summer...


  1. It all sounds wonderful minus the flight! That is awful I could not imagine the torture you two endured during travel time back home & such! Bless your heart... I guess at least it was a lesson learned! Cute dress btw..

  2. I'm headed to Vegas in August as a BIG trip to having finished taking the bar exam this summer with a bunch of friends - any recommendations? Did you ask for a specific view to get that view because it is UHmazing. You two look quite dashing too!

  3. Loving that black dress of yours!
    Vegas can be fun! Usually I over do it a little too much, and look forward to coming home!
    I bet the weather was great! A perfect spring break little trip!



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