Diary of a Sugar Addict

Hey gorgeous ladies!
I've missed you all the last few days!

The theme of this week is tests (midterms Monday, a mock exam today -don't ask- and a lab exam coming up for Friday...good lord...can we move on to next week already??) 

Remember I mentioned in this post how I'd gained about a zillion a few pounds over the holidays and attempted to get back on track via the 8 hour diet? When that failed I realized -short of a miracle- I was going to have to bite the bullet and sign up for a comprehensive diet/exercise program (I know, right? So much work!) I am so glad Revolt fitness contacted me...the timing could not have been better. And I am extra glad I decided to woman-up and join.

The Uprising started Monday with a week long sugar detox diet. Talk about a huge test of  resolve!! To be honest, I can't even tell you the last time I went a whole day without chocolate. How sad is that?? It was really hard for me to say goodbye to refined carbs, you guys! #sugaraddict (I may or may not have had a little "farewell to bread" party Sunday night...)

The truth is, I appreciate my body whatever size its at, and that's ranged anywhere from 99 lbs. with hips that could cut a bish to a more-to-love 130...kind of a big difference on my 5'1" frame. Right now I'm sort of in the middle. But I'm not feeling healthy and I don't like the direction I'm headed, so I am dead set on getting fit by the time summer rolls around. Three days in, I'm doing pretty well: I've completed both workouts (ouch!!) and haven't cheated on my diet once. Not even for the chocolate-covered macadamia nuts I spotted in the pantry yesterday. Oops, just drooled a little bit on my keyboard...sorry, but I'm craving sweets like nobody's business!

To keep myself motivated and accountable throughout this whole dealy-o I'll be posting pictures here every so often...including my meh  "befores." Here we go...

Starting weight 118.5, waist 27", girls 35",  junk-in-the-trunk 37.5"

Actually, getting these pictures out in the open is less embarrassing than I expected. Truthfully, I've never been particularly self-conscious about my body at any size, which is both a blessing and a curse: it can make it really hard to see when you need to get off your keister and make some serious changes.

But I'm on the right track now, ya heard? And it's not too late to join me...the more the merrier!

Happy humpday chicas! Have a margarita and a great big Milky Way for me today!

*disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. I have been given access to the Revolt Fitness
diet and exercise program free of charge in return for sharing my experience, but
all opinions belong to this girl right here.


  1. This is great!! I am seriously a sugar addict too!! I need to do a cleanse...but I'm scared!

  2. Your body is beautiful, truly! I think I wouldn't mind mine so much (at most of the weights I've been) if it weren't for that darn cellulite! You're fortunate you have nice smooth skin! I went on a week long cleanse recently: no sugar, no bread, no diet coke. I lost 7 pounds, but felt SO deprived I went absolutely bonkers and went crazy over the following three days! (Two boxes of thin mints alone!) Gained it back, but I didn't even care that much. It's so much more about consistency ... I'm certainly old enough to get that! So good luck to you! I know it's always way better to feel healthy - at any weight!

  3. You look great!! I love that you accept your body at any size.. that's something we could all learn to do! I've been trying to lose the last little bit of baby weight, so I know how you feel! Somebody pleeaassee give me a snickers!

  4. You look amazing already! :) It's refreshing to see someone that's confident with their body no matter what, not a lot of people can say that so you have a big thumbs up in my book! Plus, your tattoos are awesome! :D

  5. Um, you look great!

    I think I am going to bust a move on my Tone It Up work out video now ;-)

  6. You're doing awesome! I'm right there with ya, although probably have a few more lbs to drop! :). I'm a little nervous sharing my before photos just yet though... maybe at the end :)... we'll see. But keep up the fantastic job!


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