Cheating Never Felt So Good

Nine days. You guys, I made it nine whole days sugar-free! Holy cow! 

This last week and a half of eating clean and doing regular workouts has me feeling sometimes sore and cranky -but mostly amazing- and weighing 2 lbs. less. Granted, that's not a ton of weight (I know some of the Revolt girls lost 7 or 8 lbs last week) but for somebody who has trouble losing an ounce it feels like a ton, and I'm that much closer to my goal. 

But today, oh today. Not only is it a "rest day," aka. a break from the usual sweat-sesh, but today is also my first "cheat day" where I get to eat whatever I want. Can you guess what that might be?? Let me tell you, I've been counting the hours. The minutes.

I started the day with a healthy breakfast and managed a low-carb lunch as well. But as soon as I finished the last bite of chicken I was on my stock of Reese's and Cadbury mini eggs like a fly on....well, you get the picture. I made it though one peanut butter cup and was halfway through my second when I started feeling...not so good. Kind of bad, actually. But I am not a quitter so that didn't stop me from downing a huge handful of the Cadbury eggs. (Great timing btw, since I was finally watching the Bachelor finale. There's nothing like ugly-crying while stuffing your face with chocolate. And seriously? I never liked Lindsay, but she handled that breakup like a champ.)

So, now I'm sitting here high on sugar, barely able to move, and wondering how I'm going to feel after eating out with my in-laws tonight. Because with the in-laws, dinner isn't dinner unless it includes lots of bread, appetizers, dessert and one or several bottles of wine. I may be in a coma by bedtime. 

At least it will be a happy, possibly drunk coma. 


  1. Oh girl, I feel you with the no sugar deal! I've been avoiding processed and added sugars for about two weeks now, and have had two minor set backs. I had a few thin mint GS cookies while babysitting one night, and then a piece of jelly roll cake and two chocolate pb cupcakes I made for my sis-in-law's bday last week. I was surprised I didn't eat the entire sleeve of GS cookies, but mad I had to go back for a second cupcake. We can do it! Even a handful of chocolate won't stop your progress, unless of course it becomes a handful every day or more! Stay strong and way to go on your weight loss already!

  2. I am not a sugar person. I will have sweets once in a random while and cakes/cupcakes/ thank you. I feel the sugar high just from looking at it...especially if it has a lot of frosting. I prefer salty snacks like cheese-its and chips of any kind. Hope you feel better!! oh and I can't resist reese's peanut butter cups thou!!


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