Know what I'm really bad at?

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Well, if we're friends IRL, or if you've been reading for awhile you may have one or two ideas: math, dancing, driving while having a conversation...yes, I do kind of suck at all of those. But what I'm talking about at the moment is a theme that seems to keep coming up over and over the last few months. What I'm really, really terrible at: balance. Not just the balance involved in getting from point A to point B (another flaw of mine which accounts for the sexy bruises and scrapes on my legs) mostly I'm talking about life balance.

She's clearly better at balance than I every sense of the word.

Inevitably during the school year, between work/class/studying/blogging/fitness/socializing and my favorite: household chores... something -or several somethings- that are important to me start to fall by the wayside. At the beginning of spring semester it was physical fitness that got kicked to the curb. It was so easy to let that go in favor of studying while catching up on my DVR (hello, multitasking!) ...but of course on top of beginning to outgrow my favorite jeans, being a couch potato made me feel pretty generally like crap. Thankfully, joining -and actually committing- to the Revolt workout program turned that around: staying in shape can't help but be a major focus with 5 scheduled workouts a week plus a run or two. Physically I feel awesome, and my thinning hips are starting to show my hard work. But since school and the j-o-b are non-negotiables, and a girl's got to get out of the house once in awhile, it's blogging that's taken the hit the past couple weeks. 

I love checking in with you guys on the daily, commenting on your posts and throwing my two -sometimes five or ten- cents out there into the internet, so I hate not always being able to make this little hobby a priority. And blogging's not the only thing that's been on the back burner lately...if you could've seen the state of my house a couple days ago...em. barrassing. And Travis basically dragged my butt out to our "white trash" back yard yesterday to help him take care of our 3 foot lawn and some seriously dangerous looking weeds.

For the moment, I think I'm sort of getting back on track.  House is clean, Anatomy notes nearly caught up, workout for the day done and I've even managed to give myself a desperately needed manicure and order some adorbs new heels from Lulu's with one of my birthday giftcards. Oh yeah, did I mention I had a birthday the other day? Not such a big event when you're  turning 29 yet again, but the hubby surprised me with a new MacBook so he doesn't have to keep listening to me complain about my crappy old Dell because he's the sweetest, and I had a delish pre-work birthday breakfast with the girls, including a surprise visit from my out-of-town (and adorably prego)  bestie.

I can always count on Chris for a pic or two :-)

So...things are good, but things are busy!  I'm not complaining, but I am so ready for summer break!
How are things with you guys? Are you keeping your balance this spring?

Cheating Never Felt So Good

Nine days. You guys, I made it nine whole days sugar-free! Holy cow! 

This last week and a half of eating clean and doing regular workouts has me feeling sometimes sore and cranky -but mostly amazing- and weighing 2 lbs. less. Granted, that's not a ton of weight (I know some of the Revolt girls lost 7 or 8 lbs last week) but for somebody who has trouble losing an ounce it feels like a ton, and I'm that much closer to my goal. 

But today, oh today. Not only is it a "rest day," aka. a break from the usual sweat-sesh, but today is also my first "cheat day" where I get to eat whatever I want. Can you guess what that might be?? Let me tell you, I've been counting the hours. The minutes.

I started the day with a healthy breakfast and managed a low-carb lunch as well. But as soon as I finished the last bite of chicken I was on my stock of Reese's and Cadbury mini eggs like a fly on....well, you get the picture. I made it though one peanut butter cup and was halfway through my second when I started feeling...not so good. Kind of bad, actually. But I am not a quitter so that didn't stop me from downing a huge handful of the Cadbury eggs. (Great timing btw, since I was finally watching the Bachelor finale. There's nothing like ugly-crying while stuffing your face with chocolate. And seriously? I never liked Lindsay, but she handled that breakup like a champ.)

So, now I'm sitting here high on sugar, barely able to move, and wondering how I'm going to feel after eating out with my in-laws tonight. Because with the in-laws, dinner isn't dinner unless it includes lots of bread, appetizers, dessert and one or several bottles of wine. I may be in a coma by bedtime. 

At least it will be a happy, possibly drunk coma. 

The "I" Word {part 2}

Today, after I get my butt kicked by a good upper body workout, and then hopefully kick some butt at my Anatomy lab exam, I take the next step on our infertility journey: blood tests. (Am I the only one who thinks of The Bachelor every time I hear the word 'journey??')

After hearing some of your stories and struggles with getting the necessary testing and treatment I'm feeling super thankful for my husband's Kaiser insurance, and the fact that they have a whole infertility program already laid out. 

I started with my regular gyn check-up last month (on Valentine's Day). Everything went fine, which I pretty much expected. What I didn't expect was being told that before we could begin the program we would have to attend an "infertility class," and that there was only one scheduled in the near future. Of course I was all, "Sign us up! When is it?" And of course the doctor said, "Tonight!" And of course Travis said, "Can't they just call it a fertility class? Infertile is a depressing word."  Either way, we spent 3 romantic hours of our  Valentine's evening with a group of similarly fertility-challenged couples looking at slides of male and female reproductive anatomy. It was all very junior high sex-ed. And of course, just like junior high, one of the guys had to go and get all awkward asking questions like, "Why can't we just go at it every night? Won't that work eventually??" I mean duh, Einstein. If that was working for you, you wouldn't be here.  All I can say is...glad that part's over and thank goodness I wasn't on a diet at that point because I needed some serious wine and chocolate therapy after that bizness. 

Following the class, Travis had a little testing to do...I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. And luckily, everything looked pretty good there. So, now it's my turn to get poked and prodded and have some of my hormone levels checked. Fingers crossed! Can't wait to see where we go from here :-)

Diary of a Sugar Addict

Hey gorgeous ladies!
I've missed you all the last few days!

The theme of this week is tests (midterms Monday, a mock exam today -don't ask- and a lab exam coming up for Friday...good lord...can we move on to next week already??) 

Remember I mentioned in this post how I'd gained about a zillion a few pounds over the holidays and attempted to get back on track via the 8 hour diet? When that failed I realized -short of a miracle- I was going to have to bite the bullet and sign up for a comprehensive diet/exercise program (I know, right? So much work!) I am so glad Revolt fitness contacted me...the timing could not have been better. And I am extra glad I decided to woman-up and join.

The Uprising started Monday with a week long sugar detox diet. Talk about a huge test of  resolve!! To be honest, I can't even tell you the last time I went a whole day without chocolate. How sad is that?? It was really hard for me to say goodbye to refined carbs, you guys! #sugaraddict (I may or may not have had a little "farewell to bread" party Sunday night...)

The truth is, I appreciate my body whatever size its at, and that's ranged anywhere from 99 lbs. with hips that could cut a bish to a more-to-love 130...kind of a big difference on my 5'1" frame. Right now I'm sort of in the middle. But I'm not feeling healthy and I don't like the direction I'm headed, so I am dead set on getting fit by the time summer rolls around. Three days in, I'm doing pretty well: I've completed both workouts (ouch!!) and haven't cheated on my diet once. Not even for the chocolate-covered macadamia nuts I spotted in the pantry yesterday. Oops, just drooled a little bit on my keyboard...sorry, but I'm craving sweets like nobody's business!

To keep myself motivated and accountable throughout this whole dealy-o I'll be posting pictures here every so often...including my meh  "befores." Here we go...

Starting weight 118.5, waist 27", girls 35",  junk-in-the-trunk 37.5"

Actually, getting these pictures out in the open is less embarrassing than I expected. Truthfully, I've never been particularly self-conscious about my body at any size, which is both a blessing and a curse: it can make it really hard to see when you need to get off your keister and make some serious changes.

But I'm on the right track now, ya heard? And it's not too late to join me...the more the merrier!

Happy humpday chicas! Have a margarita and a great big Milky Way for me today!

*disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. I have been given access to the Revolt Fitness
diet and exercise program free of charge in return for sharing my experience, but
all opinions belong to this girl right here.
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