shopping, gambling and flaming rum...oh my!

My laptop has finally decided to stop being a huge jerk and let me upload a few photos from our little girl's getaway to Reno last weekend/aka extended birthday celebration for our friend Erin. (yay!)

First, I would like to point out that I somehow managed to pack everything into that little red bag below. I'm pretty darn proud of that actually. (World's worst over-packer right here!) Of course, it was just an overnight...any more than that and I would've rolled out the king-size suitcase for sure. A girl needs options!

Our weekend started with a little Starbucks run, since we all know that 4 hours in the car requires a significant amount of caffeine. I have to say, the drive up was one of the funnest road trips I've taken. I'm pretty sure I nearly peed myself laughing at more than one point. 

Once in Reno we checked into our rooms at the Silver Legacy cause we're high rollers like that we got a fabulous deal through Living Social. Right off the bat, five of us (including yours truly) took off for a little shopping. I found a few cute things at a store called Maurices. Have you guys heard of it? I'm pretty sure it was a chain, but not one I'm familiar with. 

Post-shopping we had an amazing birthday celebration dinner at a steakhouse called Sterlings. Seriously, it was amazing. Would you look at this dessert plate?? I die.

After dinner we attempted the comedy show. I say attempted because, omg, you guys, it was so bad. I love comedy, and I'll laugh at just about anything, especially with a couple cocktails on board. But when the second comedian started talking about his 5 year old son's private parts? No. That was awkward...and just...wrong. So we bailed out of the show and dispersed to various card tables, slot machines and flaming rum drinks. 

Just to round things out, we hit up a huge champagne brunch buffet before the drive home the next morning and did serious damage to a few...hundred thousand calories. But that was totally cancelled out by all the walking around...right??

Then it was time to head home. Can somebody please explain to me why the drive home from anywhere feels about 10 times longer than getting there? Ha.

Have you had any fun weekends recently? Do tell!


  1. Holy cow did you guys get the entire dessert plate? I'm so jealous

  2. what a fun weekend!! And I TOTALLY say the same thing..." a girl DOES need options"!! no matter how long the trip is!! The deserts look yummy but I'm getting a sugar high just from the picture hahaha

  3. Jenn,

    I love the pictures!! Thanks for posting. I had the best weekend with you and the girls!

    See you soon-

  4. That dessert plate looks amazing!! So much yummy food :)

    Glad you had fun!


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