Happy Monday lovelies! I've noticed a few new faces around these parts over the last few weeks, so...I just wanted to take a minute to say, welcome!!

Now, I don't want to rub it in or anything, but as most of you ladies are starting your work week, today is my Friday. (happy dance!) Actually, I suppose that's not quite as magical as it sounds since 1. I did work all weekend, which is pretty lame, and 2. my days off will mostly be spent in school/studying for an upcoming Anatomy exam/working a rare overtime shift. As I'm typing, I can tell that I'm clearly going to need to squeeze some fun in this week to keep my sanity! In the meantime, here are just a few things I'm loving and hating at the moment....


This Tiffany-hued nail polish by Essie. It pretty much jumped off the shelf and bit me the other day when I stopped by CVS in search of some Advil. The official color is "mint candy apple" and I think I'm in love! 

Travis and I found this wine at a local store completely by chance and have subsequently gone back to buy more. I'm not usually a huge fan of Zin, but this one is so smooth and delicious we took a bottle with us for our Valentine's dinner (at a wine bar, ironically.) If you happen across it, it runs about $25 a bottle, and worth every penny!

Season 2 of Girls...no surprise I'm loving that! (I haven't seen the latest episode though, so...shh! Don't tell me anything!)  :-)

I can relate! Lol


Did you guys know there's a new show on called Parking Wars? Yeah. Apparently it "follows traffic enforcement employees as they ticket, 'boot' and tow cars..." Sounds thrilling, no? When I hit up Wikipedia for that exciting description I discovered that this gem is somehow, someway in it's seventh season. (#mindblown) Thanks anyway A&E, I think I'll stick with The Bachelor.

Our PG&E bill, which has somehow managed to triple in the last couple months. And by somehow, I'm 
referring to my inability to leave the thermostat at a "reasonable" temperature during sub-freezing mornings. I know, I know...we live in California so I should probably quit my whining. But still...Spring? I'm ready for you!

Loving and Hating

Girl Scout cookies. Happens every year: parents hocking their kid's cookies on Facebook, boxes piling up at the station. And I pat myself on the back for ignoring it all and eating my salad. I get a little cocky. Then, then, it never fails: those adorable little girl scouts come knocking at my door or accost me outside the grocery store, and I'm such a sucker you guys! I literally can not say "no" to a cute little kid who politely asks me to buy something. Fortunately I got away with only 2 boxes and my dignity (and waistline) more or less intact.  I ate a couple of these babies, and then hid the boxes in the guest room, where I'm pretty sure I can hear them calling to me....

My new frenemies. A.Mazing.

This morning's workout. It involved about a gazillion squats and multi-directional lunges. It's been awhile (read, months) since I've done anything like it, so I'm now at that lovely stage of soreness where every slight movement has me groaning like a 90 year old with a bad case of arthritis. Of course, I know working out like this will make my runs 10 times better, so maybe I can find it in my heart to love the squats just a little

What are you guys loving/hating lately??


  1. The last two months our gas and electric has been $175. Yes. We live in the frozen tundra, but that's ridiculous for 1000sqft. Eesh. I feel your pain.

  2. I too feel you on the electric bill! Ours was $300 the last two months.. and we have a tiny house! We just finished "winterizing" all the doors and windows and bought energy efficient curtains, so here's to hoping that will help!!

    And I am also obsessed with Girls. Why can't Lena Dunham be my best friend?



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