brother vs. brother and a couple of chicken wings

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Holy cow guys! It's Superbowl Sunday! Usually I'm more excited for the commercials, the food and the mid-day drinking than the actual game (let's just be honest here!)

This year is a little different. I'm a diehard Niners fan and I'm ready for my boys in red and gold to kick some Raven butt! (I'm looking at you #85!) I might just be peeing my pants a little with excitement here. Plus, I have to admit I'm a little intrigued by the whole brother vs. brother sitch. (Psh. We all know who the best brother is!)

Unfortunately I'm on duty today (sadface) so no Niner's jersey and definitely no cocktails. But my amazing ambulance partner did download some kind of streaming app to her iPad hopefully a little game-watching is in our future! Fingers crossed that the folks in our town have mercy and take a break from dialing 911 for a couple hours. We've got a whole tray of chicken wings that need eating!

Happy Superbowl-ing guys!

Oh, and speaking of my amazing ambulance partners, it's Erin's birthday today. Feel free to stop by The Bright Owl and say hi!

Happy Birthday A.O.B.!

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  1. I found your blog from The Browse :)And am your newest follower. Love it. Anyway my bf is a hardcore Ravens we won't go there ;)But I hope you didn't have too many calls and got to eat your wings :)


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