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Happy Valentine's Day lovely ladies! 
The other day I came across a linkup at The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife
that I could not resist. Really, is there a better way to celebrate a day of love
than by making your husband take a survey about your relationship??

"How well does your spouse know you?"

How long have you been married?
He said: 8 months and 11 days
She said: 8 months...how do you always know down to the day??

Where was your first date?
He said: We met up for a concert at The Last Day Saloon
She said: Yep. Good job babe. That was fun.

Where was your first kiss?
He said: In the parking lot next to Powerhouse Gym.
She said: Oh, I don't remember there being a gym. But I do remember your brother 
was watching us...so romantic. 

Who first said "I love you?"
He said: We both did. At the exact same time.
She said: No way. It was totally you!

What were your wedding colors?
He said: Green...and...teal! No...blue!
She said: Navy and lime green. You were close though, babe.

What is her most commonly used phrase?
He said: (a term of endearment that is way too embarrassing to print)
She said: Probably a swear word! Lol

What is the best meal she has ever cooked you?
He said: Something recent. I can't remember. I just remember liking it so much I ate two full plates 
and then felt terrible afterward.
She said: Well that's, um...okay... personally, I love my chicken cordon bleu.

What is the worst meal she has ever cooked you?
He said: Probably those paleo pancakes with the coconut flour. You hated those!
She said: Those were bad. But the time I melted my eyelashes trying to roast potatoes at 500 degrees 
was worse. Thanks a lot, Rachel Ray!

What would she say is your most annoying habit?
He said: (a bodily function that is too embarrassing to print)
She said: No. Your habit of hoarding coffee mugs in your man cave is way worse.

If you could throw out one item of her clothing what would it be?
He said: The black sandals you bought at Target. They look like you bought them at Target. I hate them.
She said: I thought you'd say my boot socks/leg warmers. Didn't think of that, did ya?

What would you say is your favorite thing about her?
He said: This is hard!
She said: You can't think of one single thing?
He said: That's not what I meant! You're like the sweetest person in the whole world...that's why 
I fell in love with you! You don't have an ounce of mean in your whole body.
She said: I do so! I have a lot of mean! But thank you sweetie. That's very nice.

What's her blog's name?
He said: Girl Defying Gravity!
She said: I didn't think you knew that...Lol
He said: I know everything. I dominated this survey!

(Gratuitous V-day pic...Sorry? I'm not sorry!)

Now, let's all go celebrate by eats pounds of chocolate and refusing
to feel guilty! What do you say??


  1. haha when I did this quiz with my hubby he didn't want to print the first thing that came to his mind about what clothing item to throw away..my nude underwear. Hey bud, every girl has got to have at least one pair!

  2. Bodily functions make a marriage fun :) My hubs couldn't think of his favorite thing either. ha ha. Y'all did well on this lil quiz!

  3. You guys look so cute. My fiance make a couple of fart jokes,too! He thought he was hilarious!!

  4. omg this is so sweet :) love both your answer and that you both know each other so well!!

  5. This was so sweet, i loved all your hubby's answers!


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