confession of a book hoarder + a little introduction

Confession: I am a Grade-A book nerd. I may have outgrown the braces and the glasses, but I still love me some books.  If you could see inside my house right now, you'd see a big stack of dirty dishes that need washing bookshelves packed to overflowing, stacks of books on end tables, and boxes of books in the garage that I can't bear to part with. When I'm not bogged down in school work (fat chance lately!) I can easily finish 2 or 3 a week. In fact, it's a good thing I finally bought a Kindle a couple years ago, or I'd probably be making walking paths through the living room at this point, like an Extreme Hoarder!

Anyhoo, today, I'm super excited to introduce to you someone who loves books as much as I do: Ashley from A Bookworm and a Baby! Not only does she write great reviews (I never would have given Life of Pi a chance otherwise...I was convinced it was going to contaminate me with geometry!) but she's incredibly real and a beautiful mom with the cutest baby boy you've ever seen. Ashley is brand-spankin new to the blogging world, so stop by and show her some love! Take it away Ashley!

Hello everyone! First I want to give a big THANK YOU to Jenn for the opportunity to post on her lovely blog! Don’t you just love her?

My name is Ashley and I blog over at A Bookworm and a Baby. I’m pretty new to the blogging world, but I instantly fell in love with the community and I am so excited to learn and grow as a blogger!

A few random facts about me: I've moved about 20 times in my short 25 years due to my Dad’s job, so  I've been lots of places and seen lots of things! I have friends from all around the country, which is awesome. I've lived in Germany, Kentucky, Virginia, Alabama, North Carolina... the list goes on.

I have my degree in Art History. I know what you're thinking. Useless degree. Aaaaand I pretty much agree with you. But, I'll have you know that Kate Middleton has a degree in Art History, so if there's ever an opening for a Princess, I'm totally qualified :)

(That’s me! I’m pretty gangster. Only not.)

I've been married to my awesome hubs for a year and a half, and he is the best guy ever. Even when he leaves the cap off the toothpaste. Or leaves every cabinet or drawer he touches open. 

Or throws wet towels on the bed.

It’s love, people. Otherwise, I’d have to hurt him J


We just welcomed our first bundle of joy, and boy has it been a crazy ride so far! Mommy-hood is wild, but I am loving every minute of it.

My one true passion in life (besides my family!) is reading. I am obsessed. I can literally sit and read for like 10 hours straight. I love searching for new books, reading those recommended to me, and discussing my thoughts and opinions on the stories with others. So, when I decided to start a blog, I thought, what better to focus on that my absolute favorite thing in the world?

So, in addition to stories about blundering my way through parenthood and a few random thoughts, my main focus for my blog is to recommend and review books! I do a review at least once a week, sometimes more, and love hearing people’s comments and opinions on what I’m reading! I hope that I can encourage people to enjoy reading a little more, and to give them a list of great books to get started with!

I would love for you to stop by my little slice of the internet and tell me what you’re reading! I look forward to getting to know you all!

{{blog}} {{ twitter}}

See?? Told you guys she's awesome! Now get on out there and enjoy this beautiful day...after you 
go say 'hi' of course! :-)

the slow death of hope

I feel like I spend an awful lot of time at the DMV. Realistically, between renewing my car registration, driver's license, ambulance driver's license and required physical exam paperwork I'm still probably in here less than once a year. Somehow my visits always manage to stand out! In fact, I'm here right now attempting to drop off some paperwork, and I'm having such a great time I just can't resist sharing my experience with you! 

Now, I don't know how things are in your state/city but here in good old northern California the DMV is a real treat. Today for example there are at least 3 people working the counter, and only 57 or so people ahead of me in line! They are practically overstaffed! You go, state of budget cuts here! 

Fortunately -since it looks like I'll be hanging out for awhile- they've set up the waiting area with every eye to the comfort of the customer. The clusters of hard plastic chairs are seriously top of the line...very reminiscent of my first and second grade classroom. And like any good government agency, the DMV has taken our entertainment into consideration with rows of eye charts to peruse, fun facts everywhere (Did you know the O.C. has 2.5 million registered vehicles? Well, I'll be!) as well as a TV playing car insurance commercials en espanol (Citacions? Accidentes?? No problema!) My favorite thing about the DMV though,  is how inclusive they are. You don't need to dress to impress at this venue. Pajamas? Totally acceptable. Your most ragged pair of cutoff sweatshorts? Shake off the dirt -or not- and you'll fit right in! Bonus: taking a shower and using deodorant are completely optional. Everyone's welcome! If you have approximately 25 kids and no babysitter, you may have received a special invitation. If you speak German, Spanish or French as a first language and English as none of your languages, move directly to the front of the line! It's really no wonder that everyone -from employees to customers- are so happy to be here. I'm sure the woman yelling at the first window is just enthusiastically expressing her pleasure!  And the guy in the "Fu@$ you!" tee shirt is probably being ironic.

Are they calling my number?? But I've only been here for 2 hours! Thanks DMV, for another wonderful visit. Until next time!

Are you planning a visit to your local DMV? You may want to keep the following tips in mind:

1. Be serious. Attempts at humor are not acknowledged and/or appreciated in this environment.
2. Bring a book. (Just in case the eye charts and Spanish commercials start to bore you. Unlikely, I know.)
3. Regardless of transaction type, you should consider carting along every piece of documentation you've ever received: doctor's notes, marriage certificate, middle school report cards, etc. Someone will want to see them.
4. Take along some extra cash (lesson learned!) Why wait in line when you could bribe your way to the front??

Happy humpday chicas! Any tips for surviving your least favorite errands?

a diet fail & an uprising

First on today's agenda is a huge Thank You to all of you who have
stopped by and left your sweet comments over the past couple of weeks. School is overwhelming me
at the moment, so I'm pretty behind in my replies. But I'm getting there, and
I appreciate you guys so much!

Next item of business:
Do you guys remember this post I wrote about intermittent fasting a few weeks ago?
Well, ladies and gentlemen, the verdict is in!
After a month of adhering almost religiously to the 8 hour diet I have lost a grand total of...

drumroll please...0 pounds.

Yup. This diet may have had me feeling and sleeping better, but as far as weight loss it was a total bust. An epic fail. 


Deep down, I think I knew that combining my sporadic runs and workouts with something as easy as limiting the number of hours a day I was eating was not  going to be enough to get me back into my skinny jeans. But I was really hoping!

Now, I don't want you to get the wrong idea here...I haven't given up on getting back in shape. I have every intention of getting rid of these less than lovely love handles being bathing suit-ready by the time summer rolls around. But I need help, you guys! I need somebody to slap the Lunchable right out of my hand and make me do some push-ups! But dammit, I'm too old to join the Army. 

As luck would have it, a few days ago I was contacted about trying a brand new fitness program called Revolt. If you haven't heard of it yet, it's okay, I hadn't either. That's because it's a brand new 6 week plan (although I'm going big and signing on for 12) developed by mother of four turned personal trainer and fitness competitor Nichole Huntsman. Each cycle of the program is called an "Uprising" and  includes everything from workouts, to meals to online communities and support. I'll admit, I hesitated a bit before signing up, as this is for sure going to be a whole lot tougher than just skipping breakfast every day. But ultimately I think it's exactly what I need to get toned, and keep me motivated and on the straight and narrow! I'm looking forward to sharing my progress with you all...starting with some less-than-stellar "before" pictures (ego-check, what!) The first Uprising starts March 4th...why don't you come join me and we'll get our butts in shape together! Plus, one of us could win $10,000, and that's a whole lotta new bathing suits to show off a glorious new shape!

Happy Sunday Chickadees!

a pain in the butt (adventures of a timid anatomy student)

Hey there chicklets!
Today I had an adventure. 
If you've been following along for awhile, you may remember that I'm taking an Anatomy class this 
semester. And, if you happen to be following along on twitter, you may have seen that today was my very first day of cadaver dissection.
                                                                        Oh. Em. Gee.
See, my school is very, very proud of the fact that they are one of the only schools in the region to "allow" Anatomy students to do their own dissections rather than watching an instructor. They say "allow," I say "force" or "punish"...tomatoes/tomatoes...right? (Okay, that comparison really doesn't work in print. But you know what I mean.)  Anyway, can I just tell you, when I walked into that horrible-smelling cadaver room on the first day of class I nearly passed out? How embarrassing would that have been??  So when I found out with all of one day's notice that my dissection would begin this morning I immediately had a mini-freak out. (Like The Bachelor meeting a 2-star general. So intimidating!)

Now, I'm not sure if you know -and somebody probably shoulda told Sean- but Chinese takeout happens to be one of the best cures for a mini-freakout. (Major freakouts require the addition of chocolate. And wine. Obvi.) Plus, I pulled this baby out of my fortune cookie...thanks universe (and Royal China!) crisis averted!

Eddy the photobomber says "hi"...just can't resist the camera-action!

Surprisingly, the first couple hours of this morning's process went...not terrible. I might even say "good" if I hadn't sort of cut a tendon...oops! But hey, there was no fainting, no emergency trips to vomit in the sink and only one minor scalpel injury (win!) Also, I managed not to make one single inappropriate joke which, when you happen to be dissecting gluteal muscles is impressive in and of itself. (See post

I made it home, and now my lab coat, reeking of formaldehyde, is soaked in Febreeze and hanging in the backyard (where my dogs are apparently worshiping it) ready for another 5 hours of torture fun tomorrow. was your Wednesday? :-)


Happy Monday lovelies! I've noticed a few new faces around these parts over the last few weeks, so...I just wanted to take a minute to say, welcome!!

Now, I don't want to rub it in or anything, but as most of you ladies are starting your work week, today is my Friday. (happy dance!) Actually, I suppose that's not quite as magical as it sounds since 1. I did work all weekend, which is pretty lame, and 2. my days off will mostly be spent in school/studying for an upcoming Anatomy exam/working a rare overtime shift. As I'm typing, I can tell that I'm clearly going to need to squeeze some fun in this week to keep my sanity! In the meantime, here are just a few things I'm loving and hating at the moment....


This Tiffany-hued nail polish by Essie. It pretty much jumped off the shelf and bit me the other day when I stopped by CVS in search of some Advil. The official color is "mint candy apple" and I think I'm in love! 

Travis and I found this wine at a local store completely by chance and have subsequently gone back to buy more. I'm not usually a huge fan of Zin, but this one is so smooth and delicious we took a bottle with us for our Valentine's dinner (at a wine bar, ironically.) If you happen across it, it runs about $25 a bottle, and worth every penny!

Season 2 of surprise I'm loving that! (I haven't seen the latest episode though, so...shh! Don't tell me anything!)  :-)

I can relate! Lol


Did you guys know there's a new show on called Parking Wars? Yeah. Apparently it "follows traffic enforcement employees as they ticket, 'boot' and tow cars..." Sounds thrilling, no? When I hit up Wikipedia for that exciting description I discovered that this gem is somehow, someway in it's seventh season. (#mindblown) Thanks anyway A&E, I think I'll stick with The Bachelor.

Our PG&E bill, which has somehow managed to triple in the last couple months. And by somehow, I'm 
referring to my inability to leave the thermostat at a "reasonable" temperature during sub-freezing mornings. I know, I know...we live in California so I should probably quit my whining. But still...Spring? I'm ready for you!

Loving and Hating

Girl Scout cookies. Happens every year: parents hocking their kid's cookies on Facebook, boxes piling up at the station. And I pat myself on the back for ignoring it all and eating my salad. I get a little cocky. Then, then, it never fails: those adorable little girl scouts come knocking at my door or accost me outside the grocery store, and I'm such a sucker you guys! I literally can not say "no" to a cute little kid who politely asks me to buy something. Fortunately I got away with only 2 boxes and my dignity (and waistline) more or less intact.  I ate a couple of these babies, and then hid the boxes in the guest room, where I'm pretty sure I can hear them calling to me....

My new frenemies. A.Mazing.

This morning's workout. It involved about a gazillion squats and multi-directional lunges. It's been awhile (read, months) since I've done anything like it, so I'm now at that lovely stage of soreness where every slight movement has me groaning like a 90 year old with a bad case of arthritis. Of course, I know working out like this will make my runs 10 times better, so maybe I can find it in my heart to love the squats just a little

What are you guys loving/hating lately??

shopping, gambling and flaming rum...oh my!

My laptop has finally decided to stop being a huge jerk and let me upload a few photos from our little girl's getaway to Reno last weekend/aka extended birthday celebration for our friend Erin. (yay!)

First, I would like to point out that I somehow managed to pack everything into that little red bag below. I'm pretty darn proud of that actually. (World's worst over-packer right here!) Of course, it was just an overnight...any more than that and I would've rolled out the king-size suitcase for sure. A girl needs options!

Our weekend started with a little Starbucks run, since we all know that 4 hours in the car requires a significant amount of caffeine. I have to say, the drive up was one of the funnest road trips I've taken. I'm pretty sure I nearly peed myself laughing at more than one point. 

Once in Reno we checked into our rooms at the Silver Legacy cause we're high rollers like that we got a fabulous deal through Living Social. Right off the bat, five of us (including yours truly) took off for a little shopping. I found a few cute things at a store called Maurices. Have you guys heard of it? I'm pretty sure it was a chain, but not one I'm familiar with. 

Post-shopping we had an amazing birthday celebration dinner at a steakhouse called Sterlings. Seriously, it was amazing. Would you look at this dessert plate?? I die.

After dinner we attempted the comedy show. I say attempted because, omg, you guys, it was so bad. I love comedy, and I'll laugh at just about anything, especially with a couple cocktails on board. But when the second comedian started talking about his 5 year old son's private parts? No. That was awkward...and just...wrong. So we bailed out of the show and dispersed to various card tables, slot machines and flaming rum drinks. 

Just to round things out, we hit up a huge champagne brunch buffet before the drive home the next morning and did serious damage to a few...hundred thousand calories. But that was totally cancelled out by all the walking around...right??

Then it was time to head home. Can somebody please explain to me why the drive home from anywhere feels about 10 times longer than getting there? Ha.

Have you had any fun weekends recently? Do tell!

a little love survey

Happy Valentine's Day lovely ladies! 
The other day I came across a linkup at The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife
that I could not resist. Really, is there a better way to celebrate a day of love
than by making your husband take a survey about your relationship??

"How well does your spouse know you?"

How long have you been married?
He said: 8 months and 11 days
She said: 8 do you always know down to the day??

Where was your first date?
He said: We met up for a concert at The Last Day Saloon
She said: Yep. Good job babe. That was fun.

Where was your first kiss?
He said: In the parking lot next to Powerhouse Gym.
She said: Oh, I don't remember there being a gym. But I do remember your brother 
was watching romantic. 

Who first said "I love you?"
He said: We both did. At the exact same time.
She said: No way. It was totally you!

What were your wedding colors?
He said: Green...and...teal!!
She said: Navy and lime green. You were close though, babe.

What is her most commonly used phrase?
He said: (a term of endearment that is way too embarrassing to print)
She said: Probably a swear word! Lol

What is the best meal she has ever cooked you?
He said: Something recent. I can't remember. I just remember liking it so much I ate two full plates 
and then felt terrible afterward.
She said: Well that's, um...okay... personally, I love my chicken cordon bleu.

What is the worst meal she has ever cooked you?
He said: Probably those paleo pancakes with the coconut flour. You hated those!
She said: Those were bad. But the time I melted my eyelashes trying to roast potatoes at 500 degrees 
was worse. Thanks a lot, Rachel Ray!

What would she say is your most annoying habit?
He said: (a bodily function that is too embarrassing to print)
She said: No. Your habit of hoarding coffee mugs in your man cave is way worse.

If you could throw out one item of her clothing what would it be?
He said: The black sandals you bought at Target. They look like you bought them at Target. I hate them.
She said: I thought you'd say my boot socks/leg warmers. Didn't think of that, did ya?

What would you say is your favorite thing about her?
He said: This is hard!
She said: You can't think of one single thing?
He said: That's not what I meant! You're like the sweetest person in the whole world...that's why 
I fell in love with you! You don't have an ounce of mean in your whole body.
She said: I do so! I have a lot of mean! But thank you sweetie. That's very nice.

What's her blog's name?
He said: Girl Defying Gravity!
She said: I didn't think you knew that...Lol
He said: I know everything. I dominated this survey!

(Gratuitous V-day pic...Sorry? I'm not sorry!)

Now, let's all go celebrate by eats pounds of chocolate and refusing
to feel guilty! What do you say??

The Grammy's: A Few Thoughts

Well, our little Reno getaway was a success! Of course my laptop is being a complete pain in the butt and not uploading my photos properly, so in the meantime, let's talk about the important stuff like who watched the Grammy's last night? To be totally honest I wasn't paying much attention to who won what (was anybody? It's really all about Katy Perry's cleavage the red carpet and the performances right??) And of course after all that I have one or two thoughts to share with you all...

Let's just start off with the best part of the whole shebang. Of course I'm talking about Justin Timberlake! Now that was a hot performance. We're definitely getting married, JT and I. He just doesn't know it yet. Neither does Travis.

Rihanna looked amazing. I loved her classic makeup and flowy hair so much better than some of her...trendier looks. But girl's cray-cray showing up with Chris Brown, and that's a fact.

I'm pretty sure Kelly Clarkson was drunk when she accepted her Grammy. She was also hilarious. I'd have a beer -or six- with that girl any day.

This girl. Who is she, and how did she get an invite? Why is she wearing an apron? Is that shrug really keeping her shoulders warm? So many questions...


I am not a Maroon 5 fan, but the duet with Alicia Keys was the best thing Adam Levine's done since that picture. Please tell me you know which picture I'm talking about? (If not, girl I will definitely hook you up!)

Adele, you are beyond talented and I adore you. But what is this?? I just...cannot.


My girl-crush looked fabulous on the red carpet, as always. But can anyone tell me what was going on with Carrie's performance dress?? That was straight up creepy.

Frank Ocean has a beautiful, soulful voice. But the song about Forrest Gump...was that for real? I'm going to have to do some research. Because it reminded me of the random songs I used to make up for our dog Brandy when I was 6 or 7. Which is embarrassing. For me and for Frank.

I almost missed the last performance featuring my 4th grade idol LL Cool J when I suddenly decided I should put away a load of clean laundry. Don't worry, I got my priorities straight in time to catch most of the song and re-live my elementary school glory days.

Did you guys watch? What did you think?


Hola chicas!

I'm super excited to be playing hooky from work for a couple days and hitting the road with the 
girls for an overnight to Reno. When I say that out loud it actually makes me think of a bunch of old people on a bus headed off to play slots and eat buffet.  But I promise this ain't yo grandma's kinda weekend. (Unless your grandma is one rockin bish!) We have comedy club tickets, cocktail makings and plenty of shopping to do. And it's all in the name of this girl, right here: the honorary birthday queen!

Happy Birthday Erin!

So, cheers guys! I'll be back Sunday night with some fun pics to share. In the meantime, I'm sponsoring 
one of my fave blogs this month, The Life of Bon. This month she asked her sponsors to write about their worst Valentine's Day ever. (Apparently I'm not the only one who's had some terrible V Days!) You can check that post out here .

Have a fabulous weekend ladies!

life lessons (from The Bachelor, where else?)

My husband is a reality-TV hater. He literally cannot handle being in the room for more than 5 minutes when I'm having one of my Bachelor-thons. (He doesn't even know about Dance Moms and The Face...shhh...)

This week my fellow Bachelor addicts and I were blessed with 4 whole hours of drama-filled goodness. I ask you, does it get any better? But just in case you're not on the bandwagon, just in case -like my hubby- you're thinking "what could you possibly get out of all that nonsense?" Do I have an answer for you! Cause if you listen carefully, The Bachelor can teach you some pretty important life lessons...

Life Lesson #1: If you've hung out with a guy a few times and he not only hasn't asked for a date, but he's chosen to go on a reality T.V. show to date 300 other yourself the embarrassment of public humiliation. You are definitely in the FriendZone.

Sorry Casey B....I still think you're adorable.

Life Lesson #2: Going to Iceland or Thailand or Fiji (or, um...Montana) on a second date?? Totally normal. Wait, your significant other didn't whisk you away in his private jet/helicopter  for a "romantic international journey" 5 minutes after you met? Totally not worthy.

Life Lesson #3: A "sympathy card" does not equal an engagement ring. Obvi. Amanda. If that was the case,  given how clumsy I am, I would've been married decades ago. But sometimes the "victim card" is your ace-in-the-hole. Gotta hand it to manipulator-extraordinaire Tierra on this one. She's got it dialed.

Get after it girl! You deserve a good sandwich after all that drama!

Life Lesson #4: Watching other girls date your boyfriend is Suck City. Then again, if you're the type to refer to a guy as your "boyfriend" 2 weeks and 1 date after meeting him...well...I'm only sayin' here, but that may just be why you're still single.

Life Lesson #5: It's important to be willing to do crazy things like jumping off a tall building or submersing yourself in glacier melt so boys will like you and think you're "fun." Cause duh, hypothermia is a blast.

Selma: Not willing to suffer for love

Life Lesson #6: Lastly, remember: there's always at least one @sshole  floating around any given dating pool. (I'm looking at you Bentley. And Courtney. And Justin. And Tierra.) Chances are he/she is the one you are most attracted to. Trust me, I've been there. All I can say is, swim away girlfriend, swim away.

the "I" word

This post has been sitting in my draft list for days while I've debated whether to hit "publish" or just delete it. The thing is, I'm not good at being serious...I prefer laughter whenever possible, and I want my little bloggy blog to be a happy place to visit. But I guess every once in awhile it's okay to just get real. Right? I hope? And I figure, whatever it is I'm dealing with, there's a good chance maybe one of you are going through -or have gone through- something similar.

Anyhoo, here's what's been on my mind a lot lately:
Scary word/scary thought. 

And before I go any further, I promise I'm not about to throw myself some kind of pity-party here.  I know many women have struggled with this issue for years, dealing with endless cycles of hope, hormones and heartbreak I couldn't pretend to imagine. As for me, I'm just starting out on this particular journey with no idea what's in store for Travis and I just yet.

So, the deets: for years I was convinced I'd never want to make the committment of marriage. (My parents are divorced and my mom is estranged from the rest of the family, yada yada, another story for another time.) Anyway, for most of my life I was quite content with just dating and never really saw myself walking down the aisle. And I swear I had some kind of an aversion to anyone under 24 inches tall. Babies? None for me, thanks! But somehow, when I met Travis it all changed in a heartbeat. Love, real love, does some crazy things to your brain! Suddenly I had a whole new set of desires and priorities. I realized I wanted nothing more than to grow old with this guy and create a family together. But it just hasn't been quite that easy. (At least, the family part. The growing old part...yeah...that's happening. lol)

So we've been trying to get pregnant for about 8 months now. I know that may not sound like a super long time -and in the scheme of things it's probably not- but at 35 I'm starting to feel the pressure. I've got the fertility apps for my smart phone and a pile of ovulation sticks under the bathroom sink.  And now every few weeks starts a new process of trying, then hoping, then  disappointment when once again good old Aunt Flow crashes the party. And ohmygosh I had no idea I was going to feel like such a failure for struggling to give Travis something we both want so much! 

Last week I finally decided it's time to get proactive and take advantage of my health insurance to schedule some time for a little chat -and maybe some tests- with my ob-gyn. Ironically, her first available appointment is for Valentine's day. The intimacy of stirrups and a speculum aren't how the hubby and I had planned to celebrate...but it's certainly more adventuresome than dinner and a movie. And maybe we'll start to get some answers, and a path to follow which is what I really want. I can deal with a's the unknown that drives me nuts!

It's just so weird to me to be craving an experience I spent most of my life convinced I didn't want. Isn't life funny?

Any words of wisdom or advice?
I'll love ya for it!

brother vs. brother and a couple of chicken wings

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Holy cow guys! It's Superbowl Sunday! Usually I'm more excited for the commercials, the food and the mid-day drinking than the actual game (let's just be honest here!)

This year is a little different. I'm a diehard Niners fan and I'm ready for my boys in red and gold to kick some Raven butt! (I'm looking at you #85!) I might just be peeing my pants a little with excitement here. Plus, I have to admit I'm a little intrigued by the whole brother vs. brother sitch. (Psh. We all know who the best brother is!)

Unfortunately I'm on duty today (sadface) so no Niner's jersey and definitely no cocktails. But my amazing ambulance partner did download some kind of streaming app to her iPad hopefully a little game-watching is in our future! Fingers crossed that the folks in our town have mercy and take a break from dialing 911 for a couple hours. We've got a whole tray of chicken wings that need eating!

Happy Superbowl-ing guys!

Oh, and speaking of my amazing ambulance partners, it's Erin's birthday today. Feel free to stop by The Bright Owl and say hi!

Happy Birthday A.O.B.!

Am I skinny yet??

Guess who got a little reality check this week?
This girl. 
Don't you hate that? 
Me too. 
Especially when the reality check involves stepping on the bathroom scale for the first time in months and discovering my fat cells have multiplied like Duggars I somehow gained 10 lbs over the holiday season. Say what?? I didn't realize I was storing quite so junk in my trunk. And now that I know, I can't exactly un-know. So clearly I was going to need a diet of some sort. Dammit. 

Coincidentally, right about the time I was mulling over my chubby-woes I happened across an article in Women's Health about the 8-Hour Diet. I was immediately intrigued (who wouldn't be with a name like that?!) and downloaded the eBook for my Kindle. Basically, to keep it short and sweet, 8 Hour Diet is about the concept of intermittent fasting. There are a few ways you can go about something like that, but the book's author David Zinczenko recommends limiting your eating to 8 hours a day, fasting the other 16, and doing this at least 3 days a week. Intermittent fasting is supposed to give you all kinds of health benefits like lowering your risk of diabetes by regulating insulin levels, increasing energy and mental alertness and -most importantly, hello!- burning tons of fat. Now, I have to admit I'm pretty skeptical about anything that seems like a weird, fringy, fad diet but this book sites enough research by the National Institute of Health and the Salk Institute for Biological Studies that I was convinced of the legit-ness and decided to give it a try. 

For week 1, I actually found it super easy to move all my meals into the 8 hour window. I was kind of shocked at how much better I felt just by skipping breakfast and not pigging out in the middle of the night after work. My cravings for sweets went way down, I had more energy, and I didn't notice any of the insulin spikes and drops I usually deal with throughout the day. So that was awesome. 

Buuut, here's where I ran into a little bit of a problem and got reality check #2:  Zinczenko claims several times in his book that you can eat whatever you want during your 8 hour period and you will still lose weight. So of course I was like, what? I can eat 3 bowls of Fruity Pebbles for lunch and lose weight?? Finally! But no. I'm calling bullshit on that one. Because I went on the 8 Hour Diet and I gained a damned pound. Fruity Pebbles do not equal weight loss. Even if you eat them for lunch instead of breakfast.

So this week I'll be continuing my 8-Hour Diet adventure with some modifications. Like no more sugared cereal. And no more bread binges. I have a feeling that if I combine intermittent fasting with actual healthy eating I'll be on  track to getting rid of that cookie-party on my backside. We'll see how it goes!

Have you tried any special diets? What works for you?
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