My very best day would go something like this:

Wakeup whenever it becomes way too bright in our room to possibly sleep another second. Say, 9ish.

Hang out in bed, drinking coffee and reading all your lovely blogs until I felt ready for the effort of a nice hot bubble bath.

Breakfast out, accompanied by my husband and one (or several) extra-spicy bloody marys.

Some kind of afternoon adventure...a hike, a movie or maybe a little shopping with the girls.

An evening spent working on my blog while catching up on The Bachelor, Catfish and whatever other mind-improving reality TV my DVR has waiting for me.

Of course most days don't exactly look like that what with work and school taking up much of my valuable lounging around time. But still, at heart I think I'll always be a work to live kinda girl. Free-time and lazy-time are the best times IMO. So imagine my surprise when my Anatomy instructor labelled me a "workaholic." If you know me IRL, that may actually make you laugh out loud. I work the scheduled 48 hrs a week that my job requires, but unlike most of my friends I rarely pick up overtime shifts unless it's to sit on an interview panel or do some kind of standby where I get to ride the mountain bike or something. Some of my coworkers routinely work 96+ hours a week but I stopped doing that years ago. So what makes me a workaholic?? Apparently the overachieving idea that I can work full time hours and OmgTakeA5UnitClass at the same time. Needless to say, things maybe didn't get off on the best foot with this particular instructor.

So wish me luck, sounds like I may need it this semester! Because I have every intention of proving my professor wrong and acing this dang Anatomy class!! 

Are you taking any classes this spring?


  1. wishing you luck as I am also going to drive myself insane with working full time, a regualr 3 unit class and writing my MA thesis project...I'm going to die this spring hahaha

  2. Love this -- "the effort of a bubble bath" Ha! If that's the hardest thing on my agenda...I'd be a happy girl, too!

    Catfish is my new favorite show. It's addicting. I just wish one would end happy..with no lies. Is that too much to ask?! Happy Monday!


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