The Circle of Life

I looove musicals!
Growing up I pretty much wore out our VHS editions of The Sound of Music, Camelot and Fiddler on the Roof. 
These days I have a "musicals" Pandora station that I sing along to at the top of my lungs. (Shhh...don't tell my husband...I'm kind of hoping he still thinks I'm normal.)
For heaven's sake, my blog name comes from a musical. 
Anyhoo, point made, I'm sure. And I realize how all this probably sounds, so judge away my friends! I'm well aware we're fully into nerd territory here. And I promise that as much as I enjoy revealing embarrassing facts about myself for no reason at all, this is actually going somewhere.

Last fall, Travis and I decided we should take a vacation on my winter break from school: somewhere sunny, preferably in another country, preferably a country with lots of nice white-sand beaches and affordable alcoholic beverages. Ultimately, after a couple months of research Travis we realized we really needed to pay off what was left of our wedding debt before spending money on another vacation. (Oh, the woes of the comfortably middle class, right?)

We still wanted to have a little get-away of some sort before the work-school madness took over, so we opted for 2 nights in San Francisco which is only about an hour drive from here, but a much different feel than the little town we live in. On our first night in the city we did this:

Ladies and gentlemen, it was A. Mazing. The costumes, the singing, the adorable little boy who played Simba...Even the husband was impressed, and he's much more a football kinda guy than a singing-and-dancing kinda guy. The opening number, "Circle of Life" just about made me cry (in a good way, except I'm a really ugly crier so that would have been awkward.) If you ever have a chance to see this live, I 100% recommend it. If you have seen it, you know what I'm talking about!

Sangria in the lobby? Yes, please!

The next day we explored the Legion of Honor, a really cool art museum overlooking the Golden Gate. Okay, I guess really cool is subjective. Travis didn't enjoy that particular experience as much as I did. But he was a good sport!

Monet, who?

We planned to walk some of the trails and beaches at Land's End afterwards (tons of good photo ops!) buuut that didn't quite pan out. Unfortunately, the weather changed and we were surprised with an unexpected downpour as we left the museum. (Is there anything worse for a blogger than to end up with only 5 photos from a great weekend?!) Our change of plans ended well as it led us to a cute little bar where we enjoyed some cocktails and watched the world go by. wasn't Cabo, but it was a great little trip and so good for our relationship to get away from the every day stresses for a little while!

Other highlights from our trip:

-3 transients wished me "Happy New Year" come they're not so friendly when I pick 'em up at work??
-Our hotel had complimentary umbrellas. Yup. That came in handy!
-I literally saw some guy doing a blank-eyed stare, growling, banging into a wall thing that was straight out of Walking Dead. Epic.
-Since it was still rainy in the evening we hit up Union Square for some shopping. And shopping is always a highlight!


  1. Ahh on stage musical is on my list of to-do!!!! Poor Oklahoma doesnt have big choices in that era though :-/ someday!

  2. That seems like such a cute little musical. I so kinda wanna see it now! Lion King was always one of my favorite movies to watch. I am glad you both enjoyed the trip & the complimentary umbrellas how nice that was. Jealous I have never been to a place whom offered those lol...


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