suburban ninjas and an outfit post

Apparently my neighborhood has some kind of unofficial dress code of which I was completely unaware until this evening. Normally, I do anything relating to exercise pretty early in the day, but today I put off my run until after sunset. (I'm up to 4.5 miles which is okay for now, but still a good way from being back in half-marathon shape.) Anyway, during my run I passed a handful of people out strolling the 'hood, and every single one of them was dressed in head to toe black like a bunch of suburban ninjas. Weird. Me and my bright orange Nike jacket definitely didn't get that memo.

All that aside, today's post is actually something I haven't done in forever: an outfit post. Chalk that up to a couple reasons: I tend to get really awkward in front of the camera, my husband doesn't exactly have the patience of a saint required to deal with that, and my living room is really green which makes a pretty terrible backdrop for most outfit photos. But, thanks to my dad Santa I received a (super awesome amazing) tripod this Christmas which totally eliminates two of those issues. Unfortunately, the day I decided to take the pics was freezing cold and pouring rain, so you're going to see a whole lot of my front door. Oh well, better luck next time! Let's get to the outfits, shall we?

The first was for a work meeting. Since I'm usually in a navy blue uniform with 
steel-toed work boots, it felt good to look like a girl for once...

Blazer and tee: H&M, Jeans: Marshalls, Necklace: F21,
Shoes: Classified, Bag: JC Penney

A comfy, errands-running outfit. I've been living in these boots...

Sweater: Target, Tee: H&M, Jeans: Ross, Boots: r2, Necklace: JCrew

Lastly, lunch with the husband: something bright to combat the rainy-weather blues.

Sweater: Francesca's, Tank: American Eagle, Scarf: Charlotte Russe,
Jeans: Marshalls, Boots: r2

What are you wearing lately? :-)

                                                                   pleated poppy


  1. The red/ leopard combo looks fab on you!

  2. I love the first outfit on you too dang cute & I love the reasoning behind the last one :)

  3. The Target teal/grey sweater is cute!! I am on the hunt for a leopard scarf...noluck so far :( have a great weekend

  4. omgosh, you're adorable!! I love each and every one of your outfits. :)
    Just stumbled upon your sweet blog and I'm your new #1 fan!!


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