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Motivation, that is. Since Im currently in the process of jumpstarting my fitness/healthy eating I need a lot of whatever motivation I can get. As one of my supervisors likes to say, time to "realign expectations."

I've decided to get my focus back on running (of course, my go-to), yoga on my off days, and possibly trying something new called TRX which uses some weird strap things + that pizza you ate last night your own body weight to build strength. (Travis informs me that I could take a TRX class at our gym. I prefer not to highlight my awkwardness/complete lack of coordination in groups where everyone is sober...sooo I think we'll order the starter kit.)

Ok, where were we? Oh right. Motivation. In order of most to least petty, here are the three things getting me up off the couch lately:

3. Someone at work bragging about being able to run a mile. I heard that and I got some attitude. In my head I was all Biotch, I can do 10 times that. I just have to put down this icecream. And the remote. And dig my Nike's out of the abyss of my closet. Seriously though, hearing other people boast about their fitness accomplishments gets me crazy motivated. Must be that competitive streak.

2. My jeans don't fit. I've actually graduated from my fave skinny jeans to some older and slightly larger pairs. And I still have a muffin top that would make a Cupcake Wars contender jealy. At this rate Ill be back in my circa 1999 flare legs (from days) before you can say brownie sundae with extra hot fudge sauce. And it just so happens there are approximately 31564 things I'd rather spend my money on than new fat jeans. Exercise it is.

3. Ok, finally: one altruistic motive just to balance things out. This year I've signed up with a group of people running the Santa Rosa half marathon to raise money for the families of servicemen/women wounded or killed in action. At my brothers request, I'm proud to be running in memory of a Marine named Juan who was killed in Iraq when they served together there in 2004. I did some research, and ugly-cried reading his story. (I'll share more on that later, but you may want to have some tissues handy.) In any case, I plan to kick ass for Juan and that is the best motivator ever.

What motivates you??

*this post was inspired by Sammantha over at Dysfunctional Ever After, if you appreciate totally irreverent humor as much as I do you should go on over and say hi!


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