New years resolutions.
Whats your take on this time honored tradition?
My initial response? Total crap.

Not for everyone, of course. I've actually seen one or two "fresh start" type posts recently that were truely inspirational.  But, knowing myself like I do, I know that there is no surer way to guarantee I will not accomplish a goal than to set it to an arbitrary timeline and give it reasons such as "because its healthier/good for me/will make me a better person." Of course I want all of those things, but in and of themselves they don't get my butt moving to make important life changes. So what motivates me? In a word, chocolate. (Not very helpful with most goals.) This year, rather than making the same old tired New Year's resolutions -and promptly breaking them-  I've decided to try something different. No list of must-dos to feel guilty about screwing up. Instead, I will attempt to reverse-psychologize myself into productivity with a list of things I will not be doing in 2013. My anti-resolutions, if you will. Easy-peasy, right?

First off. I will not continue to wear these falling-apart, water-leaking, soles-flapping-open work boots for another year simply because the thought of spending 250 of my hard earned buckaroos on unattractive steel-toed footwear makes me nauseaus. This should be an easy one, as I'll be working barefoot at some point here soon.

Secondly. I will not drive around on my nearly-flat tire forever. As much as I enjoy going out of my way to visit one of our wonderful local gas stations every 2-3 days, plinking a dollar's worth of quarters into the air compressor...said quarter supply is not endless. At some point I'll just have to have to buck up and head over to the Les Schwab. And then take up knitting or something with all the free time I'll suddenly have on my hands.

I will not give up on running. If you've followed along with me for awhile you've probably seen me on, then off, then back on the workout wagon. As a matter of fact, running and I have had a love/hate relationship for some time now. This morning I managed a horrifying 2 mile jog after several weeks of sedentary face-stuffing. Having been used to regular 8-10 mile runs, it was a pretty discouraging struggle-fest. But, no compromises on this one. I'm just not giving up.

I will not be so stingy with my time. I hoard my free time like an old lady hoards cats, and that just stinks.

Last, and most importantly, I will not give up sweets. I've tried the low-carb primal diet and I may head back in that general direction for an overall healthier lifestyle. But this time there's going to be cake on my plate, and dammit, I'm going to eat it. Because a life without chocolate is not a life worth living.

What are your goals for the new year??


  1. I don't make resolutions either!!! LOL!!! But I can promise you this....I will not be giving up sweets either!!!

  2. Wow. These are really close to my anti-resolutions. Except the work boots. I don't have any of those.


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