...and then I dyed my hair green.

Not on purpose you guys! These things just tend to happen sometimes. Okay, realistically they  "just happen" because I can't seem to see the point in having my stylist do a simple single-process dye job that I can easily, easily do at home. Or so I tell myself until I have one of these little...er...incidents. The other day I decided that my light blonde hair needed a little freshening up. Maybe it should be just a touch darker. So I grabbed a "medium natural blonde" off the shelf at CVS and was well on my way to a head of dull grayish-green hair. Lucky for me, this one was an easy fix by recoloring with a golden shade, (and this easy hairstyle posted on Gentri Lee's blog got me through the day in between) but my little hair faux pas haven't always had such a good outcome. You'd think I would learn my lesson, right?? Nah, I'm pretty stubborn. And therefore well qualified to tell you in great detail....

How to give yourself the worst dye job ever 
(or, the story of the time I became a redhead.)

1. First, make the decision to color late at night, say between 1 and 3 o-clock in the morning when your reasoning skills are at their sharpest and there's only one drugstore open within driving distance.

2. Choose a color that is drastically different than your current style (I personally made the wise decision to go from platinum blonde to dark mahogany.) Make sure you choose your color by who looks prettiest on the box and not by actual knowledge of chemicals or color theory.

3. Proceed to dye your platinum tresses a really beautiful shade of brown  horrifying purple that would require you to get at least 6 more piercings to look appropriate.

4. Rush back to the drugstore and attempt to find something that will turn purple into an actual hair color. (helpful hint...it's not going to work but you're on a roll! Keep going!)

5. Dye job #2 should leave you with the look and feel of a mangy animal on your scalp. Muddy-brown and patchy-gray are both acceptable colors for this part of the process, but don't get too excited -they aren't your end result!

6. Back to the store you go (Hi, remember me? I'm the weirdo in the hoodie who comes in to buy hair color every hour or so.) And yes, you are going to buy one more box of color. But first, the dreaded hair-stripper. Because if there's any life left in your hair you want to snuff it out. Now.

7. Apply the stripper (try not to gag on the acrid smell. Also, try not to think about things like all your hair falling out or getting chemical burns on your scalp. Those kinds of negative thoughts will just suck all the fun out of the experience.) As dawn breaks, slather on your 3rd and final color. Rinse and enjoy the surprise of your bright -and oh so delicate- new locks (oh look, I'm a ginger!)

My hair adventures: these tresses have been through a lot..

Happy coloring ladies!
P.S. If you've had any "hair adventures" of your own, I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Lots of cute hair looks! Your very versatile!

    =) Brooke

  2. Wow what an adventure! Glad you managed to save the day with some color wheel knowledge! I definitely laughed, and cringed, while reading your step by step :-) as a hair stylist, I hate having to fix those 3-5 box color at home self dye jobs that go wrong, because we're the ones who get blamed when their hair practically melts off. Although the worst is when the new client in your chair asks how they can replicate your amazing 4 proces/6 color masterpiece themselves, with a single box color lol

  3. hahaha!! I was dying! No pun intended Lol!
    Oh my gosh, I think we all go through a time when we think we can dye our hair by ourselves. Lol
    I went from chocolate brunette to pink/orange blonde...and my mom took pictures just so I would remember. Gahhd, what a horrible moment. I'm just glad it only lasted a couple days.
    Thanks for sharing your story! I seriously was dying!


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