a series of unfortunate events

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Have you ever just had one of those days?

It's the first day of class.

You get out of the shower, somehow manage to knock the shower curtain rod off the wall, and dripping wet, freezing cold struggle unsuccessfully to get the d*mn thing back up without waking your husband.

Finally you give up -it's clearly not going to happen- so you leave the curtain in a heap on the floor and reach for a glass of water, but it slips from your hand and shatters into a million shards in the sink.

Eventually you're ready to leave in spite of your mishaps, so you grab your coffee and rush out the door. You set your travel mug on the front seat of the car but it immediately tips over, and your coffee -with the last of your French Vanilla creamer- drenches the floor mat and an errant umbrella.


Shrugging it off, you arrive at school, somehow find parking in an out-of-the-way off campus lot and make the 1/4 mile walk in balmy 27 degree weather, arriving at the lecture hall early with icy fingers and blue lips. Weird. Where is everybody? Turns out it's not a "funny coincidence" that this semester's class is in the same room as last semester's. You've been looking at the wrong schedule the whole time. Oops.

You finally find your Anatomy class, end up sharing your chair with a girl who looked miserable sitting on the floor, and as your rear end falls asleep from the awkward position, the instructor spends the next hour and a half explaining why the coming weeks are going to be the most miserable of your life, making you wonder if you somehow accidentally signed up for the Marine Corps instead of a 5 unit science class.

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Have you ever had one of those days??

Or is it just me?

* I actually began this post while soaking in a leisurely bubble bath. I somehow managed to knock my phone into the water, so it's currently in a ziplock bag keeping company with a bunch of silica gel packs (a trick I learned from my hubby.) Cross your fingers for me that I can get it together, ok?? 

Hope you all are having a much smoother couple days than I seem to be!


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  1. On days like this, I want to just crawl back into bed and start again tomorrow.


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