getting Smash'd


I'm in trouble and it's all this one's fault.

Looks innocent, doesn't he?
But yesterday he did something terrible.
He sat on the TV remote. He somehow selected OnDemand. And he highlighted
season 1 of the show Smash. A show I had been blissfully ignorant of until that moment. 
And now, I'm obsessed. Not surprising, given how much I love musicals. But seriously, 
I have one day off -no work, no school- and I should be studying. Or vacuuming. Or really 
doing anything other then attempting to power through 15 episodes.
Shame on you Eddie Valentine. 
Shame on you. 
Seriously, have you guys seen this show??


My very best day would go something like this:

Wakeup whenever it becomes way too bright in our room to possibly sleep another second. Say, 9ish.

Hang out in bed, drinking coffee and reading all your lovely blogs until I felt ready for the effort of a nice hot bubble bath.

Breakfast out, accompanied by my husband and one (or several) extra-spicy bloody marys.

Some kind of afternoon adventure...a hike, a movie or maybe a little shopping with the girls.

An evening spent working on my blog while catching up on The Bachelor, Catfish and whatever other mind-improving reality TV my DVR has waiting for me.

Of course most days don't exactly look like that what with work and school taking up much of my valuable lounging around time. But still, at heart I think I'll always be a work to live kinda girl. Free-time and lazy-time are the best times IMO. So imagine my surprise when my Anatomy instructor labelled me a "workaholic." If you know me IRL, that may actually make you laugh out loud. I work the scheduled 48 hrs a week that my job requires, but unlike most of my friends I rarely pick up overtime shifts unless it's to sit on an interview panel or do some kind of standby where I get to ride the mountain bike or something. Some of my coworkers routinely work 96+ hours a week but I stopped doing that years ago. So what makes me a workaholic?? Apparently the overachieving idea that I can work full time hours and OmgTakeA5UnitClass at the same time. Needless to say, things maybe didn't get off on the best foot with this particular instructor.

So wish me luck, sounds like I may need it this semester! Because I have every intention of proving my professor wrong and acing this dang Anatomy class!! 

Are you taking any classes this spring?

...and then I dyed my hair green.

Not on purpose you guys! These things just tend to happen sometimes. Okay, realistically they  "just happen" because I can't seem to see the point in having my stylist do a simple single-process dye job that I can easily, easily do at home. Or so I tell myself until I have one of these The other day I decided that my light blonde hair needed a little freshening up. Maybe it should be just a touch darker. So I grabbed a "medium natural blonde" off the shelf at CVS and was well on my way to a head of dull grayish-green hair. Lucky for me, this one was an easy fix by recoloring with a golden shade, (and this easy hairstyle posted on Gentri Lee's blog got me through the day in between) but my little hair faux pas haven't always had such a good outcome. You'd think I would learn my lesson, right?? Nah, I'm pretty stubborn. And therefore well qualified to tell you in great detail....

How to give yourself the worst dye job ever 
(or, the story of the time I became a redhead.)

1. First, make the decision to color late at night, say between 1 and 3 o-clock in the morning when your reasoning skills are at their sharpest and there's only one drugstore open within driving distance.

2. Choose a color that is drastically different than your current style (I personally made the wise decision to go from platinum blonde to dark mahogany.) Make sure you choose your color by who looks prettiest on the box and not by actual knowledge of chemicals or color theory.

3. Proceed to dye your platinum tresses a really beautiful shade of brown  horrifying purple that would require you to get at least 6 more piercings to look appropriate.

4. Rush back to the drugstore and attempt to find something that will turn purple into an actual hair color. (helpful's not going to work but you're on a roll! Keep going!)

5. Dye job #2 should leave you with the look and feel of a mangy animal on your scalp. Muddy-brown and patchy-gray are both acceptable colors for this part of the process, but don't get too excited -they aren't your end result!

6. Back to the store you go (Hi, remember me? I'm the weirdo in the hoodie who comes in to buy hair color every hour or so.) And yes, you are going to buy one more box of color. But first, the dreaded hair-stripper. Because if there's any life left in your hair you want to snuff it out. Now.

7. Apply the stripper (try not to gag on the acrid smell. Also, try not to think about things like all your hair falling out or getting chemical burns on your scalp. Those kinds of negative thoughts will just suck all the fun out of the experience.) As dawn breaks, slather on your 3rd and final color. Rinse and enjoy the surprise of your bright -and oh so delicate- new locks (oh look, I'm a ginger!)

My hair adventures: these tresses have been through a lot..

Happy coloring ladies!
P.S. If you've had any "hair adventures" of your own, I'd love to hear about it!

suburban ninjas and an outfit post

Apparently my neighborhood has some kind of unofficial dress code of which I was completely unaware until this evening. Normally, I do anything relating to exercise pretty early in the day, but today I put off my run until after sunset. (I'm up to 4.5 miles which is okay for now, but still a good way from being back in half-marathon shape.) Anyway, during my run I passed a handful of people out strolling the 'hood, and every single one of them was dressed in head to toe black like a bunch of suburban ninjas. Weird. Me and my bright orange Nike jacket definitely didn't get that memo.

All that aside, today's post is actually something I haven't done in forever: an outfit post. Chalk that up to a couple reasons: I tend to get really awkward in front of the camera, my husband doesn't exactly have the patience of a saint required to deal with that, and my living room is really green which makes a pretty terrible backdrop for most outfit photos. But, thanks to my dad Santa I received a (super awesome amazing) tripod this Christmas which totally eliminates two of those issues. Unfortunately, the day I decided to take the pics was freezing cold and pouring rain, so you're going to see a whole lot of my front door. Oh well, better luck next time! Let's get to the outfits, shall we?

The first was for a work meeting. Since I'm usually in a navy blue uniform with 
steel-toed work boots, it felt good to look like a girl for once...

Blazer and tee: H&M, Jeans: Marshalls, Necklace: F21,
Shoes: Classified, Bag: JC Penney

A comfy, errands-running outfit. I've been living in these boots...

Sweater: Target, Tee: H&M, Jeans: Ross, Boots: r2, Necklace: JCrew

Lastly, lunch with the husband: something bright to combat the rainy-weather blues.

Sweater: Francesca's, Tank: American Eagle, Scarf: Charlotte Russe,
Jeans: Marshalls, Boots: r2

What are you wearing lately? :-)

                                                                   pleated poppy

a series of unfortunate events

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Have you ever just had one of those days?

It's the first day of class.

You get out of the shower, somehow manage to knock the shower curtain rod off the wall, and dripping wet, freezing cold struggle unsuccessfully to get the d*mn thing back up without waking your husband.

Finally you give up -it's clearly not going to happen- so you leave the curtain in a heap on the floor and reach for a glass of water, but it slips from your hand and shatters into a million shards in the sink.

Eventually you're ready to leave in spite of your mishaps, so you grab your coffee and rush out the door. You set your travel mug on the front seat of the car but it immediately tips over, and your coffee -with the last of your French Vanilla creamer- drenches the floor mat and an errant umbrella.


Shrugging it off, you arrive at school, somehow find parking in an out-of-the-way off campus lot and make the 1/4 mile walk in balmy 27 degree weather, arriving at the lecture hall early with icy fingers and blue lips. Weird. Where is everybody? Turns out it's not a "funny coincidence" that this semester's class is in the same room as last semester's. You've been looking at the wrong schedule the whole time. Oops.

You finally find your Anatomy class, end up sharing your chair with a girl who looked miserable sitting on the floor, and as your rear end falls asleep from the awkward position, the instructor spends the next hour and a half explaining why the coming weeks are going to be the most miserable of your life, making you wonder if you somehow accidentally signed up for the Marine Corps instead of a 5 unit science class.

image via

Have you ever had one of those days??

Or is it just me?

* I actually began this post while soaking in a leisurely bubble bath. I somehow managed to knock my phone into the water, so it's currently in a ziplock bag keeping company with a bunch of silica gel packs (a trick I learned from my hubby.) Cross your fingers for me that I can get it together, ok?? 

Hope you all are having a much smoother couple days than I seem to be!


The Circle of Life

I looove musicals!
Growing up I pretty much wore out our VHS editions of The Sound of Music, Camelot and Fiddler on the Roof. 
These days I have a "musicals" Pandora station that I sing along to at the top of my lungs. (Shhh...don't tell my husband...I'm kind of hoping he still thinks I'm normal.)
For heaven's sake, my blog name comes from a musical. 
Anyhoo, point made, I'm sure. And I realize how all this probably sounds, so judge away my friends! I'm well aware we're fully into nerd territory here. And I promise that as much as I enjoy revealing embarrassing facts about myself for no reason at all, this is actually going somewhere.

Last fall, Travis and I decided we should take a vacation on my winter break from school: somewhere sunny, preferably in another country, preferably a country with lots of nice white-sand beaches and affordable alcoholic beverages. Ultimately, after a couple months of research Travis we realized we really needed to pay off what was left of our wedding debt before spending money on another vacation. (Oh, the woes of the comfortably middle class, right?)

We still wanted to have a little get-away of some sort before the work-school madness took over, so we opted for 2 nights in San Francisco which is only about an hour drive from here, but a much different feel than the little town we live in. On our first night in the city we did this:

Ladies and gentlemen, it was A. Mazing. The costumes, the singing, the adorable little boy who played Simba...Even the husband was impressed, and he's much more a football kinda guy than a singing-and-dancing kinda guy. The opening number, "Circle of Life" just about made me cry (in a good way, except I'm a really ugly crier so that would have been awkward.) If you ever have a chance to see this live, I 100% recommend it. If you have seen it, you know what I'm talking about!

Sangria in the lobby? Yes, please!

The next day we explored the Legion of Honor, a really cool art museum overlooking the Golden Gate. Okay, I guess really cool is subjective. Travis didn't enjoy that particular experience as much as I did. But he was a good sport!

Monet, who?

We planned to walk some of the trails and beaches at Land's End afterwards (tons of good photo ops!) buuut that didn't quite pan out. Unfortunately, the weather changed and we were surprised with an unexpected downpour as we left the museum. (Is there anything worse for a blogger than to end up with only 5 photos from a great weekend?!) Our change of plans ended well as it led us to a cute little bar where we enjoyed some cocktails and watched the world go by. wasn't Cabo, but it was a great little trip and so good for our relationship to get away from the every day stresses for a little while!

Other highlights from our trip:

-3 transients wished me "Happy New Year" come they're not so friendly when I pick 'em up at work??
-Our hotel had complimentary umbrellas. Yup. That came in handy!
-I literally saw some guy doing a blank-eyed stare, growling, banging into a wall thing that was straight out of Walking Dead. Epic.
-Since it was still rainy in the evening we hit up Union Square for some shopping. And shopping is always a highlight!

Friday's Letters: The Retail Edition


Happy Friday Girlies! Christmas may be over, but that doesn't mean I'm
done shopping! (Are we all in the same boat here??) Therefore, I've decided it's time for...

Friday's Letters: The Retail Edition

Dear Tiffany & Co: Love you, love your jewelry. But why do you insist on sending me catalogs filled with $36,000 bracelets and $88,000 rings? Do you know something about my finances I don't??


Dear Bed Bath and Beyond: Are you seriously bringing back the old school Atari?! I don't want to be intrigued, but I am. Who's up for a game of Pong??

Dear Francesca's: Why, yes! I do happen to need some new colored jeans for $12.50 a pair. Thanks for bringing that to my attention!
Dear Express: Your racks and bins of clothes on super-sale got me super-excited this weekend! But after being elbowed, shoved, stepped-on and practically held at gunpoint cursed at in Russian I had to walk away empty-handed and admit defeat. (Sad face.)

Dear Random Guy in the H&M Dressing Room: I'm sorry you lost your cellphone. I feel for you (having once dropped my phone in a bar toilet, I am familiar with the agony of losing a dearly loved electronic device) but no, I did not steal it! I already have one phone that doesn't recognize me, I'm not looking for another.  So stop side-eyeing me already!!

Dear Starbucks: Your new vanilla spice latte really rocked my world yesterday. Thanks for that!

Well ladies, I'm off to work in a couple new weekend schedule starts today. (Have to pay for all this retail therapy somehow!) You all have a fabulous weekend!



Get it where you can

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Motivation, that is. Since Im currently in the process of jumpstarting my fitness/healthy eating I need a lot of whatever motivation I can get. As one of my supervisors likes to say, time to "realign expectations."

I've decided to get my focus back on running (of course, my go-to), yoga on my off days, and possibly trying something new called TRX which uses some weird strap things + that pizza you ate last night your own body weight to build strength. (Travis informs me that I could take a TRX class at our gym. I prefer not to highlight my awkwardness/complete lack of coordination in groups where everyone is sober...sooo I think we'll order the starter kit.)

Ok, where were we? Oh right. Motivation. In order of most to least petty, here are the three things getting me up off the couch lately:

3. Someone at work bragging about being able to run a mile. I heard that and I got some attitude. In my head I was all Biotch, I can do 10 times that. I just have to put down this icecream. And the remote. And dig my Nike's out of the abyss of my closet. Seriously though, hearing other people boast about their fitness accomplishments gets me crazy motivated. Must be that competitive streak.

2. My jeans don't fit. I've actually graduated from my fave skinny jeans to some older and slightly larger pairs. And I still have a muffin top that would make a Cupcake Wars contender jealy. At this rate Ill be back in my circa 1999 flare legs (from days) before you can say brownie sundae with extra hot fudge sauce. And it just so happens there are approximately 31564 things I'd rather spend my money on than new fat jeans. Exercise it is.

3. Ok, finally: one altruistic motive just to balance things out. This year I've signed up with a group of people running the Santa Rosa half marathon to raise money for the families of servicemen/women wounded or killed in action. At my brothers request, I'm proud to be running in memory of a Marine named Juan who was killed in Iraq when they served together there in 2004. I did some research, and ugly-cried reading his story. (I'll share more on that later, but you may want to have some tissues handy.) In any case, I plan to kick ass for Juan and that is the best motivator ever.

What motivates you??

*this post was inspired by Sammantha over at Dysfunctional Ever After, if you appreciate totally irreverent humor as much as I do you should go on over and say hi!


New years resolutions.
Whats your take on this time honored tradition?
My initial response? Total crap.

Not for everyone, of course. I've actually seen one or two "fresh start" type posts recently that were truely inspirational.  But, knowing myself like I do, I know that there is no surer way to guarantee I will not accomplish a goal than to set it to an arbitrary timeline and give it reasons such as "because its healthier/good for me/will make me a better person." Of course I want all of those things, but in and of themselves they don't get my butt moving to make important life changes. So what motivates me? In a word, chocolate. (Not very helpful with most goals.) This year, rather than making the same old tired New Year's resolutions -and promptly breaking them-  I've decided to try something different. No list of must-dos to feel guilty about screwing up. Instead, I will attempt to reverse-psychologize myself into productivity with a list of things I will not be doing in 2013. My anti-resolutions, if you will. Easy-peasy, right?

First off. I will not continue to wear these falling-apart, water-leaking, soles-flapping-open work boots for another year simply because the thought of spending 250 of my hard earned buckaroos on unattractive steel-toed footwear makes me nauseaus. This should be an easy one, as I'll be working barefoot at some point here soon.

Secondly. I will not drive around on my nearly-flat tire forever. As much as I enjoy going out of my way to visit one of our wonderful local gas stations every 2-3 days, plinking a dollar's worth of quarters into the air compressor...said quarter supply is not endless. At some point I'll just have to have to buck up and head over to the Les Schwab. And then take up knitting or something with all the free time I'll suddenly have on my hands.

I will not give up on running. If you've followed along with me for awhile you've probably seen me on, then off, then back on the workout wagon. As a matter of fact, running and I have had a love/hate relationship for some time now. This morning I managed a horrifying 2 mile jog after several weeks of sedentary face-stuffing. Having been used to regular 8-10 mile runs, it was a pretty discouraging struggle-fest. But, no compromises on this one. I'm just not giving up.

I will not be so stingy with my time. I hoard my free time like an old lady hoards cats, and that just stinks.

Last, and most importantly, I will not give up sweets. I've tried the low-carb primal diet and I may head back in that general direction for an overall healthier lifestyle. But this time there's going to be cake on my plate, and dammit, I'm going to eat it. Because a life without chocolate is not a life worth living.

What are your goals for the new year??
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