Rain, Rain Go Away...

Well the rainy season is in full swing here in Northern California: flash flood warnings,
trees falling on roads, cars, powerlines and what have you.

Let me start by saying, I am thankful for the rain. I'm also thankful for my job. But storms
and ambulance work just don't mix in the same beautiful way as, oh...say...vodka and orange juice. Or vodka and cranberry. Or vodka and...jello? You get the idea.

Top 5 reasons I hate love working in the rain

5. This work issued rain gear. Isn't it snazzy? I'm so glad the boss got the memo about neon being on-trend. I'd hate to be stuck in boring basic black like the police and fire departments.

4. At some point in the shift, water inevitably leaks into my boots. The resulting prune feet are a fun flashback to childhood bathtime...minus the rubber ducky.

3. The 20- and 30-somethings who call 911 during a thunderstorm for the flu or a simple cold and are astonished that we lack the ability to teleport them dryly to the emergency room. "I'm getting wet!" Yes. Yes I know. I actually asked God to make it rain on you, because it makes it makes my job so much easier.

2. Spend long enough onscene of a car crash and your hair becomes saturated. Your uniform becomes saturated. Every last bit of makeup washes away. That freshly showered feeling in the middle of a 12 (or 24) hour workday? Priceless. (But I've got you now Mother Nature...I'm wearing waterproof mascara. Ha!)

1. Okay, okay. enough sarcasm. There is one benefit to working in the rain...I'd never see sights like this curled up in front of the fireplace!



  1. I miss rain! I used to live in NorCal and now I live in Texas. And I just miss rain season. That lightning photo is pretty awesome, btw :)


  2. Mini, stopping over from Follow Friday! Are you a paramedic - this sounds like more of an adventure then a job! The rain would be a challenge, especially for the hair, but the photos/sights would be amazing! Have an amazing weekend! xx

  3. Love the lightning picture! Wow


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