Me, Myself & I

You guys!! I took my Physio final yesterday, which means that School. Is. Out! Finally! I am so
 looking forward to letting my brain recuperate for the next month. In fact, I'm seriously planning on using it as little as possible. I'm blonde, so it shouldn't be too hard...right? I kid...kind of. Anyhoo, what better way to celebrate 3.5 weeks of semi-freedom than with one of my fave link-ups??
Me, Myself & I (part...3ish?)
1. What was your favorite gift give given to you as a child?
When I was six, the only thing I wanted for Christmas was a Barbie dollhouse. I needed a Barbie dollhouse. (Hey, her swanky pink and green living room set had to go somewhere!) My parents couldn't afford the pricetag on the Dreamhouse, so Dad spent hours with nails and scrap wood to build  Barbie a 5 story bachelorette pad. I call that winning!
2. What is that one Christmas song you could listen to on repeat?
I'm usually not much of a fan of Christmas a matter of fact, this year I decorated our tree to Eminen Takeover on the Fuse channel. (Nothing says holiday spirit like an angry blonde rapper talking crap about his mom...) That being said, if I do bust out the holiday tunes I tend to get obsessed with Josh Grobin's Ave Maria. I guess that makes me...a complete dork ecclectic?
3. What are a few of the items on your Christmas list this year?
I never did get around to making a list, although I did find a cute silver Coach purse on sale and may or may not have sent a pic to the hubby (guys need help!) Lol

4. Do you and your family have any special holiday traditions?
Growing up we had one Christmas tradition. One weird Christmas tradition. Each year, a few days after Thanksgiving, my Dad would pull out the ladder and haul a giant yellow, dust-covered refrigerator box down from the garage rafters...I can still picture it with the green Mayflower logo on the side and silver duct-tape flapping off the end. We would put on Bing Crosby and proceed to build the Christmas tree. One piece at a time, we painstakingly fitted each branch into its color-coded hole until our tree stood proud in all its questionable faux-pine glory. (Really, mom and dad??) I never could figure out why we didn't just snag ourselves a Douglas Fir from the corner probably goes without saying that Travis and I have not carried on the tradition of building a Christmas tree.

5. Which do you prefer, wrapping paper or gift bags?
Oh wrapping paper for sure. There's something so satisfying about ripping into it and making a huge mess. But I will admit to being lazy and gift-bagging more than my share of presents...


  1. Awww, how sweet of your Dad! My Dad built me a doll house when I was little too! Sweetest memories!

    Merry Christmas!

    Brooke =)

  2. That is so cool of your dad and my parents also believed in the fake tree...hated that thing hahaha

  3. congrats on the grade! so glad I stumbled upon your blog! new follower!



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