Apocalypse fail and Betty Crocker

Hello gorgeous readers!
It has been one busy week-before-Christmas!
First, I got this news...

The constant whining and complaining eating, sleeping and obsessing Physio apparently
 paid off. Nailed it! Then, there was some last minute Christmas shopping. Nothing gets me in a holiday
mood like packing into the local mall for a little relaxation with 120 million of my closest
friends and neighbors...


And you all know what Friday was...end of the world, duh! Travis and I bought season 1 of Walking Dead last week and had an epic zombie marathon. So I was ready for 12-21 to get cray-cray. Ha! I'll let the muppets sum up my feelings on this one:

Since the world was still turning on Saturday, and not having to fight for survival left me with some time on my hands, I  made it to the annual girl's Christmas lunch/gift exchange...7 girls, way too much food, peach martinis and lots of prezzies made for a pretty awesome apocalypse after-party.

Then, the first of 3 family get togethers gave me the perfect excuse to get my Martha
Stewart on. (Okay, more like my Betty Crocker brownie mix. But at least they turned out pretty!)

I can't believe Christmas is hours away! Happy Holidays everybody :-)


  1. There is NO way the mall was THAT crowded?!! are you serious?! where are you from? I would freak and never go shopping if it were that crowded! haha. Can you tell I'm amazed! Just found your blog from the giveaway over at The Life of a Wife! So glad I did! Super cute blog and I'm excited to read more posts from you!


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