A little Monday WTS...

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Happy Monday, all! On a completely-not-serious note today
I wanted to share with you just a few of the things that have made me say,
"What the shiz??" recently....

  • Non-prescription eyeglasses as accessories. I can't help but give this a WTS because I grew up blind as a bat and haaaaated my glasses...I couldn't imagine wearing them for fun. Maybe some day I'll 'get it' but for now I agree with the hubby who thinks this trend is way too hipster to be ok.
My last pair of pre-Lasik specs....I was thisclose to being legally blind before the surgery.
  • WTS? Cece hasn't been voted off The X-Factor yet? Are you kidding me? I admire her spirit. And her abs! (She can really pull off a crop top...) But I agree with Simon: time to pack up your suitcase -and your leopard spots- and hit the road.
  • Can someone please tell me what is the point of jacking up a minivan with 20" rims, tinting the windows and adding a few "NorCal" and "Famous" stickers?? I don't blame a guy for trying, but you are not going to make that ride look cool. It's a minivan. WTS.
  • My 2 little fur-babies are normally healthy as horses. But between Eddy's skin rash and Ella's abdominal infection, I've spent $800 at the vet this month. They're both on the mend, but WTS? As if Christmas wasn't hard enough on the wallet...

x-rays, bloodwork and antiobiotic shot = sad face!

And some WTS in the news...

  • According to Yahoo, a small town in Louisiana was just evacuated after 6 million pounds of explosives were found illegally stored on a company's property. 6 million pounds. Did they think no one would notice half the state going up in a fireball? That's a serious "what the shiz?!"
  • An AOL headline this week: "Zombies a Factor in Gun Sales Increase, Gun Rights Advocate Says.."  Oh my. No words for that one.
  • According to my local paper The Press Democrat, a guy here in Sonoma County has apparently just come up with a helpful new iPhone app called iSplit Divorce.  A divorce app. Thanks technology, now I think I've seen everything. How come getting married wasn't that easy?!
Has anything made you say WTS lately??


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