6 days, 10 hours...

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Tis the season...for Christmas parties! This weekend we had our
work bash at a little local Italian restaurant. Thanks to my friend Chris
(hottie in green) for taking some pictures, and thanks to Sean the Bartender
for introducing me to my new BFF: the Tangerine Dream. Cheers!

Those are some scary eyes! Told you it was a good drink!

Wait. What am I looking at?!

Now it's time to buckle down and study my butt off for next week's Physio final. Which is especially hard because not only am I distracted by blogging (and Tangerine Dreams. Must. Figure. Out. Recipe!) I'm also obsessing on a marathon of "Ink Masters" and a show I found the other day called "My Shopping Addiction." It's like "Intervention" for shoppers. I know, I know...I watch some weird TV.

But anyway, doesn't this look like fun? Only 3 or 4...hundred cards to go over. Aaaargh! So ready
for Christmas break. 6 days, 10 hours you guys! But who's counting, right?

Anybody else have finals coming up??

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