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Whew! Do I ever have some things to catch up on around here...a half marathon, a world series game, a girl's weekend in Tahoe...Halloween for crying out loud!

Problem is, aside from work, school and the fun stuff, I've been neglecting my blog recently because I've been on a straight-up book bender. Oh yes, I just said that. Books are my 'crack' and I've been devouring them, one after another, the way I most kids gobble Halloween candy. I blame it on my Kindle, the worst possible enabler for a book junkie. (Does it get any easier than 'One Click' purchasing and wi-fi downloads?! And hellooo, Kindle deals!)

In any event, it's been bad enough the past couple weeks that the hubby, who doesn't actually read my blog (finding The Chive far more appealing, apparently...maybe I should incorporate some boobs and/or "dog shaming" here? Nah...) actually scolded me the other day for my blog-laziness. I hate to admit it, but he's right: I need to put the books (and the newspapers and the Glamour magazines) down for a hot minute, get out of my creative-rut and make this little blog a priority again!

So, while I get some photos together for upcoming posts, I'll leave you with a few weird and wonderful Physio-facts, and a short list of some of the books I've been reading...just in case you'd like to crack-out too :-)

Weird Fact #1: A stick of dry spaghetti burns as well as a match. Okay, I'm taking my instructor's word on this one, as I'm a little hesitant about lighting fires in the pantry. I'm not totally ruling it out for a rainy Saturday though....

Weird Fact #2: Neurons produce enough electrical voltage that 20 could run an iPod. Hmm...That's some serious brain power...

Weird Fact #3: For every pound of fat you put on, your body also adds 200 miles worth of new blood vessels. Which means by the time Thanksgivings over, my insides should look like a Thomas Guide...

And now for the books:

Snowflower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See: Loved this novel about friendship, family, and traditional Chinese culture.Given that I love everything Amy Tan's ever written, I wasn't surprised by how much I enjoyed Lisa See's similar writing style and subject matter.

I Am Legend by Richard Matheson: Hated it. Not so much because it was completely different than the movie, which it was. But my main issue was that I waited and waited for some climactic moment, as the suspense built, and just sort of petered out to kind of a sad, blah ending. Boooo.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn: Loved, loved, loved: suspenseful, thrilling, unexpected and a little twisted. But what I love most is Flynn's colorful vocabulary: it feels rich and...satisfying somehow. As soon as I finished I immediately had to read her other two books: Sharp Objects and Dark Places. Loved.

City of Women by David Gillham: A little bit of a heavier read, this is a book about an oblivious German housewife who becomes a reluctant participant in the hiding and rescuing of Jews during WWII. I really enjoyed the main character's mental and emotional journey toward becoming a more open and aware person. And I'm a sucker for any kind of historical novel!

Well, that's all for now folks! Any weird facts or book recommendations you'd care to share? I'd love to hear!


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