In(f)erior Decorating

Well, Happy Cyber Monday ladies and gentlemen!  Have you scored any fantabulous deals today?!
I missed Black Friday this year due to that silly little job-thing, but thanks to the ever-loving internet I've managed to get a bit of Christmas shopping done anyway. And for other people, no less! (Insert pat on the back here, as my usual MO is more of the one-for-you-two-for-me variety.)

So, I'm pretty darn good at spending money. Working on getting a little less good at that particular
skill, if you know what I mean. 

You know what I'm not good at? (Besides math and gardening, that is...) Decorating. My lack of ability for festive arranging is never more apparent than during Christmas time. If I can manage to put up a tree and toss on some ribbons and a few ornaments, I usually call it good. If I'm really making an effort, maybe I put out a glass dish of Christmas candy. Like I said, I'm not exactly a whiz-bang at this stuff.

2011...Hey, at least I got the tree up!

This year, the in-laws are doing Christmas at our place and I need to spice things up! I need to make
more of an effort! I stopped at TJ Maxx on the way home from Phyiology today, figuring that if I was going to start exercising my inferior (notice that's an f, not a t) decorating skills I'd better start off someplace budget-friendly.

I decided to sort of ease into it. You know, by checking out all the shoes (nothing exciting there) and sweaters (a cashmere Cynthia Rowley shawl sweater just about jumped into my shopping cart, but I managed to fend it off, suffering only minor emotional trauma...) Eventually I made my way to the back of
the store, to **Christmas.**

And promptly had a panic attack.

Okay, not really, but I was darn close. The profusion of garlands, ornaments, wreaths, holiday dishes, stuffed Santas, wicker reindeer, glittery snowflakes, and stacks and stacks of pinecones and tiny trees had my head spinning. What are you supposed to do with all that stuff?! I couldn't pick out A. Single. Thing.

Clearly, I need help. Clearly it's time to regroup and do some strategizing. Therefore, my current mission is  to scour all your lovely blogs in search of Christmas decorating tips, amazing ideas and how-to's before I wade back into the fray for round 2.

Have you written any decorating posts or read a great one recently? If you leave a link below I'd love to visit (and be forever grateful!) Please do share! :-)


  1. Your tree looks cute!

    I did a deco mesh door way all decorated for Christmas and also my Christmas foyer! Still more to do!


    Happy holidays,


  2. I see you have a bow with ribbon on your tree. I am seeing these everywhere in the stores now...colours galore. Thinking on doing that myself this year, but it is really hard to pick out what colour I want...too many choices. I, myself, am making several deco mesh Christmas wreaths for gifts, and one to keep.


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