Friday's Letters

Happy Friday, all! I'm excited to be linking up with Ashley
at Adventures of Newlyweds for Friday's Letters. It's been while!

Dear Amazon,
You know the other day when I clicked over on my Kindle to check out my queue of personalized book recommendations? And the only book you thought I should buy was "The Unwanted Wife?" Yeah...thanks for that.

Dear Hubby,
Thank you so much for signing up for a weekend shift for your next work rotation. I know it wasn't your first choice, but I'm glad we'll have our days off together :-)
Love, "Wanted Wife"
P.S. Could you try not to be so serious all the dang time?

Dear Neighbors,
I really appreciated your jack o' lanterns and Halloween decorations. Last month. I think it's time to move on and, you know, deck the halls.

Dear TLC,
After catching a few minutes of your new show "Extreme Cougar Wives" featuring a fiesty 76 y/o grandmother hooking up with 18 y/o boys men...I must admit that I'm torn between "Ewwww" and "You go, girl!" Lol.

 Dear Pinterest,
You've really been saving my bacon (and my time) lately with your super easy/super awesome crockpot recipes. Like this Slow Cooker Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe from Six Sisters' Stuff. Yum!! It goes a long way toward making up for what a non-crafty loser I feel like after looking at your DIY page ;-)



  1. Oh my gosh!!! That show looks terrible! Yuck, lol!

    Just showed every one at work a pic of the show too, they all laughed!

  2. I agree! That show looks awful! LOL! What will they come up with next. Your blog is adorable dear. Love the letters post. So nice to stop by and meet you!

    -Newest Follower


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